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September 2019

"Okemos Therapy Services is different from other doctor offices. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable, and the friendly staff make you feel at home. There's no where else to go for physical therapy." -Lauren S.

"This is the second time I've used Okemos Therapy Services. The first time was 6 years ago after I pinched a lumbar nerve. They did a great job with the rehab for that, so I chose to return to treat my groin pain. The exercises I was taught  reduced my pain siginficantly. The entire staff were congenial and diligent in teaching me to maintain muscle tone to keep the pain at a reduced level." -Nancy K.

"The therapy improved my overall health confidence and functioning. I will be an advocate for PT for seniors and to recommend my doctors'-your clinic as a very excellent one." -Norma C.

"I love coming to therapy, the girls were so nice and had a friendly smile. My doctor was so nice and always made me feel so much better, when I had so much pain." -Hermosina S.

"Dr. Ajay and Kelsey both are very patient and helpful- answered all my questions. Actually enjoyed my visits." -Randel C.

"A very clean, pleasant place to come, very friendly staff." -Mary C.

Want Some Help?