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August - October 2014

August 2014

“Love this place! The staff is helpful and friendly! Both my kids came here and liked coming.” – Alexis 08/14

“Staff was friendly and attentive. Always made me feel welcome.” – Stephanie 08/14

“Ajay, Jeff and Denise were very good at giving good instructions and I am able to use my arms much better after the short amount of time from when I started, Ajay you have wonderful hands and thank you for your great service.” – Dorothy 08/14

“I am very satisfied with my results coming here for Physical Therapy. I trust Ajay and Jeff’s knowledge in the treatments and exercises they put together for me. I certainly would recommend Okemos Therapy Services to anyone.” – Sally 08/14

“I was expecting to spend more time here; I was in much pain the first day. With a few appointments my pain went away, the exercises at home helped a lot too.” - Rodolfo 08/14

“Ajay and his staff have been so nice and helpful. It was enjoyable to come to Physical Therapy and Ajay took the time to get to know you. I looked forwards to coming in. I feel 100% better compared to the first day I started. Thank you so much for all the hospitality and relief. Best wishes!” – Ashley 08/14

“Chinmay Zinzuvadia is the best Physical Therapist anywhere! His knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and therapeutic modalities is unsurpassed. Thanks to him, my back is much improved. He’s improved my condition and quality of life. I know that my back will never be normal, but he has given me the knowledge and tools to minimize the chronic pain. Thanks Chinmay!” – Dawn 08/14

“I was treated with respect and encouragement by all of the staff. I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to wait beyond my appointed time.” – Shirley 08/14

“The professional staff is very helpful and very friendly. More important is the improvement in my back is simply amazing.” – Shrikumar 08/14

“Environment was very good and friendly. Really liked the sanitation procedures. Any questions I had were answered well.” – Vanessa 08/14

“Very good service and place.” – Aidee 08/14

“Individual attention, listens carefully, knowledgeable and respectful. Thanks!” – Deanna 08/14

“The staff was very caring and friendly. The clinic was clean.” – Destiny 08/14

“Everything was A+” – Vasilio 08/14

“I have never before needed Physical Therapy, but was impressed with the information and care that I received.” – Rhonda 08/14

“This was one of the most knowledgeable Physical Therapists and staff that I have ever encountered.” – Michelle 08/14

“Ajay was amazing!” – Rachel 08/14

“Thank you for getting me to the right direction, I cannot believe how much stretching is required. It is so hard to exercise at home of courses. It is also difficult to eat right for weight control. I’ll do my best to continue with the workout plan.” – Stanley 08/14

“Over all great Physical Therapy experience. I am now pain free most days thanks to Okemos Therapy Services.” – Dawn 08/14

September 2014

"Wonderful, thorough experience as usual.  Ajay and his staff are always friendly and concerned about patients’ recovery."   –Sandra 09/14

"Very helpful in getting back to normal activities."  – Kelly 09/14

"This was my first experience with physical therapy, and it was wonderful. The staff could not have been more helpful, knowledgeable, or helpful."  – Dale 09/14

"I was very pleased with Okemos Therapy Services. All of the staff was very friendly and caring. They worked very hard to help me return to being 'being me again.' They were very understanding when I was experiencing any pain and they encouraged me every step of the way! I can’t thank you enough, Thank you Dr. Ajay B. / Denise / Jeff and Dana." – Diane 09/14

"These professionals know their business, they are kind and considerate. Their facilities are clean and their equipment is excellent. They have ridden me of my pain." – Bruce 09/14

"The therapists identified my problem and developed a program to alleviate the pain." – Ronald 09/14

"I love the staff they were very great and very welcomed. The therapist was very excellent and did very well with my back. You guys did very well on greeting the residents when they came in and after they leave you always were friendly." – Hayley 09/14

"I really appreciated the treatments to relieve the pain in my back and left hip and leg. It is more relaxed and feels more comfortable. The exercise helps a great deal." – Arlene 09/14

"I was scheduled same day as diagnosis and pain was treated right away. They took my word that pain level was very high. By treating the pain and giving me exercises multiple times per week I was able to respond quickly.  Within 4 weeks of treatment I was almost back to normal. Staff is easy and fun to work with. They always show care and concern." – Suellyn 09/14

"The staff here was very attentive to my needs and very good about teaching me what was happening with my body. The pacing of the exercises was also very good, I do not think I could have asked for a better physical therapy experience." – Savannah 09/14

"Love this place! The staff is helpful and friendly! Both my kids came here and liked coming."  – Frances 09/14

"Staff was very friendly and attentive, always made me feel welcome." – Stephanie 09/14

October 2014

“This is my second time here for therapy. I returned again because of the quality of service I received the first time. Thank you!” –Barbara 10/14

“The care I got from AJ and his staff was excellent. His staff was professional and friendly!” –Robin 10/14

“All the things you have above are very important and this whole staff is outstanding in those areas! They’re great people and therapists!!” –Juanita 10/14

“The best place to go in Okemos! The staff is really caring! Everyone is the best here!” – Jaclyn 10/14

“We were highly impressed by the technical knowledge, diagnosis, and treatment by AJ and his staff. This was a caring environment, and it is obvious that continuing education about the most up-to-date treatment options is a priority. Thank you!” –Jesse 10/14

“I was seen every session by the PT with PTA assisting. He did ongoing evaluation and adjusted my therapy as needed, adding exercises as I became stronger.” –Sylvia 10/14

“Therapy was strictly business with personal attention throughout the sessions, and progress evaluated each time. Little to no delay in start times.” –Milan 10/14

“Care was much better than chiropractor. I was given exercises that I can do to keep my hip in place.” –Wendy 10/14

“AJ and staff are very caring and friendly with the best of care. I highly recommend Okemos Therapy to anyone.” –Victoria 10/14

“Everyone at Okemos Therapy has a true caring relationship with their patients” –John 10/14

“Christel was super! Knows what to pin point and get at it. Excellent speech therapist!” –Kimberly 10/14

“Attentive, explained the issue I was having and what they were doing to fix it in a polite and professional manner.” –Tristan 10/14

“Recommend to all my friends who need Physical Therapy. Great personal care and empathy!” –Jacqueline 10/14

“Okemos Therapy Services helps me to continue running. The staff is professional and friendly. Their hours and two locations fit my schedule and that was very convenient for me.” –Monica 10/14

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