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October - December 2011

"I see tremendous improvement since I came here after knee surgery. Staff provided excellent services. I will definitely recommend to friends."~Prakash, 12/2011

"I am very happy with my experience at Okemos Therapy. My activities have improved dramatically from week to week."~Randall, 12/2011

"The care I received was everything I needed. The staff was pleasant and helpful. Ajay you are the best and you are very gifted in waht you do."~Sandra, 12/2011

"I felt my care was great. I felt as if they really cared about getting my knee better.
 Very pleased."~Amy, 12/2011

"Very pleased with my experience."~Jerry, 12/2011

"Okemos Therapy Services is a cut above the rest."~Joseph, 12/2011

"Christel did an incredible job. She was thorough in her evaluation. She spent a great deal of time in personalizing my plan of treatment. She had excellent exercises.
She was also pleasant and honoring."~Chris, 12/2011

"I appreciate the patience and helpful therapy of all the staff."~Vivian, 12/2011

"The exercise program is excellent for the injury and my pain level was quickly reduced to a comfortable level most of the time."~Michael, 12/2011

"I was very impressed with the treatment and staff. I am glad I came here after being recommended by my doctor instead of going somewhere closer. Staff is friendly, very knowledgable and professional."~William, 12/2011

"I am very pleased with the service I received at OTS. They have a very friendly staff. They always stick to their schedule, I was never delayed. They accomodated my requests for special schedule. Mr. ajay taught all the stretches very well and also provided printed instructions. Most importantly whatever he did has positive impact on my condition."~Parveen, 11/2011

"I was skeptocal upon arrival but began to see improvement almost immediately. Ajay and his staff are very professional and at the same time are warm and friendly. The office is very clean and pleasant, the staff well trained.OTS is outstanding."~Roberta, 11/2011

"OTS is an excellent facility for  short term therapy. The staff is friendly and Ajay is very knowledgable concerning joints and muscles etc."~Marcia, 11/2011

"Excellent facility and clinical staff. They gave information without asking. Highly flexible in scheduling."
~Murali, 11/2011


"The improvement was great. I feel better, my range of movement has greatly improved. Everyone traeted me really well!"~Robert, 10/2011

"Everything was wonderful, very intuitive treatment!"~Susan, 10/2011

"I am very happy with the treatment I got. Everyone I worked with was very friendly. I don't have any complaints."~ Annemarie, 10/2011

"Considering my condition at the beginning of treatment, my recovery was both speedy and pain free. In two weeks, I was able to perform all my actions 100% and without pain."~ Michael, 10/2011

"Ajay and staff were all very warm and welcoming. They tried hard to accomodate my schedule. They were always on time. I never had to wait. The exercise programs were very clear."~Doreen, 10/2011

"The treatment was great from start to finish."~ Jim, 10/2011

"My primary care physician Dr. Dawn Springer, recommended Ajay as the therapist I should see. He and his staff have been very helpful. I came in unable to walk and leaving with little to no pain. It did not hurt to get rid of my pain!"~Juanita, 10/2011

"Very kind and helpful staff, always friendly and helped decrease my pain level a lot"~Dannica, 10/2011

"The treatments have been very beneficial and learning how to help myself educational and motivational."~Patricia, 10/2011

"Everyone that worked with me was very generous and very helpful. It helped a lot."~Andrea 10,2011

"Everytime I have come, there is no waiting. Very good staff. Therapy service is excellent. I will recommend this service to my acquaintances."~Meena, 10/2011

"People were friendly, low key and highly competent."~Christine, 10/2011

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