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October - December 2010

October 2010

"Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable.  They listened to me concerning my condition and treated me accordingly.  Would highly recommend this clinic.  Outstanding staff!" -Mary

"This program was excellent!  I will miss working with this wonderful staff.  My back is feeling so much better.  Thank you, everyone!!" -Barb

November 2010

"I appreciated the attention and care received from Ajay and John." -Larry

"Always a caring staff and any questions I asked were professionally answered." -Michelle S.

"I improved greatly on the first visit!  Excellent service and noticed immediate improvement." -Laurthel

"It was a great experience.  I would recommend Okemos Therapy Services to anybody, anytime without hesitation!" -Steve

"My physician recommended you and I have bee very happy with my therapy.  i would recommend Okemos Therapy Services to friends." -Eileen

"I found my level of trust to be very high with my therapist." -Richard

"Thank you for your focus and consistency as well as kindness in helping me to recover.  I appreciate your patience and understanding." -Thom

December 2010

"Okemos Therapy Services is a very professional, respectful service.  I have experienced an overall decrease in the number and severity of my migraine headaches with neck pain.  I will highly recommend them in the future." -Amy

"Very straightforward, didn't just say what I wanted to hear.  Everyone was very nice." -Jarad

"I was very satisfied with my treatment for my neck/shoulder stiffness and am feeling much improvement.  The staff here is exceptional-knowledgeable, helpful, and accomodating.  I would definitely recommend them to others, Ajay does a wonderful job." -Regina

"I have had a great deal of therapy for shoulder surgeries, and this has been a completely different experience.  I have less pain, a greater range of motion, and more function than I have had with any therapy.  Thank you!" -Aaron

"Once again, you provided excellent treatment and education about my injury.  When I need Physical Therapy again, I will be back to use your service.  I recommend you to everyone I know who needs Physical Therapy." -Linda

"Thank you for the expert care and therapy exercises.  The treatments have helped me a lot." -Sucheta

"The staff here was very respectful to me.  They were patient for me to feel better and when I didn't doe what I was supposed to, they encouraged me and got me where I am today-healty and new." -Jacob

"Great care.  I have recommended this office to several people.  Ajay always takes time to answer all questions.  Wonderful staff!" -Barb

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