Want Some Help?


October 2019

“I received great care. They listened to my issues and responded with different exercises to help address them. Very knowledgeable.” -Todd M.

“Was very happy with the care I received for my problems! When I first came in for therapy I had very limited movement and a lot of pain. Movement is so much better, and walking is much improved also.” -James G.

“Very friendly staff and I saw great improvements! Thank you!” -Sarah K.

“Everybody used calming voices; not pushy. Treatment was enjoyable and relieved my pain quickly.” -Paul M.

“Friendly staff, and my mom is much, much better having done PT. So grateful.” -Si K.

“Very helpful to explain purposes for the exercises and treatments. Thank you all!” -Paul P.

“Thankful for all your help!” -Tim M.

Want Some Help?