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October 2018

“I have, over the years, been to several physical therapy facilities. Okemos Therapy Services is the best place I have every visited.” -Rhonda P.

“I found the services here to be among the best I have received.” -Kristina M.

“I appreciate the attention to detail and care given to me during my time at PT.” -Sherry H.

“My shoulder and elbow feel so much better after the weeks of PT. On top of the exercises, I learned to help strengthen my shoulder, I was taught the proper way to lift weights for my age. The new techniques were noticeable right away; my muscles weren’t sore, and I felt stronger. Thank you very much!” -Bill P.

“The treatment plan was very specific to my situation and needs, and I was given exercises which helped my healing.” -Ken U.

“I appreciate the fact that I was not given exercises to do and left on my own. Staff was very attentive. I never had to wait after doing my exercises – focus was on just me – not six other patients.” – Deb S.

“I found Dr. Ajay care and encouraging. He was aware and informed about my overarching hypermobility syndrome. I realized one day I could go up and down stairs three times, when before seeing Dr. Ajay, it was a struggle to do one time every day. I found it easy to open a door at a restaurant for the first time in a long time.” – Mary B.

“I love being here!” -Conrad C.

“The time spent with the exercises and stretching was very helpful, and the information provided was very helpful.” -Deborah H.

“Overall just a wonderful experience.” -Jen P.

“Very easy to work with. Very helpful.” -Alexander P.

“Very friendly and informative.” -Kathy B.

“I feel 100% better than when I arrived a few weeks ago.” -Merlin H.

“Great experience in treatments while ‘hurting,’ but excellent outcome and SO worth every minute! Friendly and encouraging staff!” -Kay R.

“My experience here has been wonderful and made a night and day difference in my pain levels. The staff did very well explaining the exercises needed to strengthen painful muscles and why it’s important to continue the exercises when outside of therapy. I will definitely recommend Okemos Therapy Services.” -Jessie J.

“Everyone was very helpful and friendly.” -Madison S.

“I have really enjoyed my time with the Okemos Therapy group. They really do work hard.” -Marica J.

“I think the care and expertise here is very good. The people are all friendly and caring.” -Helen H.

“We thought the service was fantastic, and they helped my sprained ankle quickly!” -Hannah L.

“The experience was excellent. Dr. Ajay gave me major relief from the back pain. When I started, my pain level was 10. When finished, my pain level was 0.” -Don E.

“Our experience was outstanding. The doctor dove right in and got our daughter back to where she was prior to the accident. The office always did what they could to schedule appointments that worked best for our situation.” -Robert B.

“I had significant pain in my left elbow when I first started PT, and now the pain is pretty much non-existent. I feel the exercises I’ve done (and will continue to do) have really helped. The staff couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful.” -Andy P.

“Very knowledgeable doctor and staff. Very convenient hours. Very friendly atmosphere.” -Reza L.

Want Some Help?