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November 2018

“Dr. Ajay and staff are caring, professional, and efficient. No complaints! They go the extra mile to help their patients!” -Susan P.

“I was so happy to finally be relieved of pain. Thank you so much to everyone at Okemos Therapy Services. You are great!” -Carol K.

“[I] learned a lot about muscle health. Wonderful care, I feel great!” -Kerry M.

“For many sessions, Dr. Ajay and staff diligently worked to help me recover, now [I’m] functioning so much better… couldn’t have done it without their help! Very grateful.” -Dawn S.

“The time spent with the therapy staff was excellent and I would recommend [them] to others.” -Binmei F.

“[…] Dr. Ajay and staff went out of their way to make the experience as pleasant [as possible]; they were friendly and enjoyable.” -Anne F.

“Dr. Ajay listened to me with patience and attention. He told me what my problem was and taught me some simple and gentle exercises. The very next morning I was able to bend […] to the lowest shelf of my refrigerator. I was amazed! The atmosphere is peaceful, […] my experience was very positive.” -Alaknanda B.

“[I] always receive the best results.” -Dionnedra B.

“Everyone was very supportive and friendly.” -Terry B.

“The physical therapist was always kind and professional. He always spent a good amount of time overseeing the therapy. […] I would highly recommend the facility.” -Marene B.

“I was very impressed with my physical therapy and the staff at Okemos Therapy Services.” -Mary M.

Want Some Help?