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January - February 2016

"The staff at Okemos Therapy was very professional and courteous. I hope they will treat me when I return." - Bruce G. 1/4/16

"Therapy was very helpful. Christel was always helpful and supportive." - Jeremy S. 1/5/16

"Great experience, very helpful and flexible. Ajay is awesome. Kayla is the best!" - Ashlie H. 1/5/16

"When I first started coming here I thought my life was over, the pain was so bad I couldn't function at all. Although I am not 100% I am a thousand times better than I was and I greatly appreciate the time taken here to help improve my quality of life! Thank you." - Rachelle W. 1/8/16

"Thank you for all your help" - Dorothy A 1/8/16

"I really felt like my arm improved with the progression of exercises. Everyone was mindful when my wrist hurt and planned exercises around that. I definitely feel like my wrist has improved." - Christine M. 1/9/16

"My therapist was friendly, skilled and patient. He took time to explain the exercises and their health benefits, and designed an easy-to-follow home program." - Brian B. 1/15/16

"I am always happy with my experience at Okemos Therapy. Through the years both my family and I have returned to receive therapy for different injuries and we have always received the best of care!" - Erin W. 1/15/16

"Excellent with small/younger children. Very patient." - Laura K. 1/25/16

"The clinic is outstanding and highly professional. Ajay does an exceptional job in patiently bringing a person like me back to pain free life." - John T. 1/27/16

"Our experience was fantastic. Everyone was very friendly and my daughter felt less pain after her first visit. Thank you!" - Bridget C. 1/28/16

"Ajay and his staff did a great job with my therapy. Unfortunately, my spine needs more than physical therapy can accomplish. I am happy to refer others to this office." - Gail W. 1/28/16

February 2016

"Appreciate the detailed description of the problem and what would help." - Anna M. 2/3/16

"Okemos Therapy is by far the best medical facility I've been to. They are all professional and friendly. Everyone has the same goal-help the patient get in and out, flexible hours/accomodating and to help you get better no matter how long it takes. They care and treat you like a person not a number. Thank you Ajay and staff for making my therapy enjoyable and helping me out." - Kinneitha T. 2/3/16

"Very friendly and helpful. Wanted to make sure I got better. Willing to help with other issues I had as well." - Emily D. 2/3/16

"I am very pleased with my experience here. People were friendly and helpful. Especially Ajay and Jeff were exceptional with me. Thank you so much for helping me get to recovery." - Miguel C. 2/5/16

"Very personable staff. Never felt forgotten and was always treated as a priority. The best out of all of the therapy services I've experienced." - Connor M. 2/10/16

"The service and care was outstanding. All personnel were well informed, courteous and professional in every way. Thank you for a very good experience." - Jan K. 2/10/16

"I hadn't been in physical therapy for many years for anything and had forgotten how helpful it can be. I'm so glad Dr. Springer referred me to Okemos Therapy Services." - Susan P. 2/10/16

"Awesome group." - Karen C. 2/12/16

"My experience at Okemos Therapy Services was excellent. The exercises I was given were extremely helpful in the process of healing my knee." - Mary C. 2/19/16

"Very pleasant experience. The staff was great! Ajay was very professional and funny." - Suezelle N. 2/19/16

"Very friendly and enjoyed my time working with Ajay and Jeff as well as the rest of the staff!" - Debra B. 2/22/16

"The staff was very friendly and helpful." - Marnie H. 2/26/16

"I have been satisfied with the care and assistance I have received at Okemos Therapy Services." - Leo K. 2/26/16

"I appreciate the services I received and am pleased with the progress that was made. Thank you!" - Patricia H. 2/26/16

"Everytime I come here, I receive all the treatment I need and then some more. They didn't give me 100% of their care and treatment, they give me 110% if I like it or not. I can't even fathom how much they do for me. Whenever I need physical therapy, this is where I will go forever! Thanks so much Okemos Therapy! Don't stop doing what you do!" - Bradley P. 2/27/16

"Awesome staff. Gave me very good info for post treatment. Very attentive to my needs and goals." - James J. 2/27/16

"I had a great experience at Okemos Therapy Services. The treatment is excellent and tailored for your individual needs. My recovery was quick thanks to my treatment and care here." - Athena B. 2/29/16

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