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August - Dec 2015

"I benefited especially from the manipulation and stretches which is an extra benefit to health and an overall benefit to the whole body.He see's and explains the whole picturenot just one area of concern. Thank you" - Carol B 8/29

“The staff was very helpful and friendly. A very good group of people” - Robert S 8/18

“A stellar operation here with competent individuals” - Tobias W 8/14

“I enjoyed my time coming. The visits were quick and simple and I feel like they helped” - William W 8/14

“It was good and helped my pain and helped it get better fast” - Mason S 8/14

“I came in with moderate to serious pain and when I was done I had no pain at all” - Andrew P 8/14

"Every person I met who works for Okemos Therapy was extremely friendly and helpful. There were times I needed to change my appt times and the staff was very accommodating. For each appt they were punctual and the exercises I was to do at home were thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Very pleased” - Kathryn C 8/14

“I have received excellent therapy for my injuries and I now resume my daily routines” - Carolyn B 8/12

“I will continue to use OTS for all my therapy services. Ajay and his staff are very friendly, caring, and helpful in all aspects” - Penny H 8/12

“I was nervous to start therapy as I have never done before, but the experience here was great, and got me back on my feet in no time” - Mike S 8/8

“I feel you all spend a great deal of time and effort with me. Every time was explained in detail so I fully understood your your procedures. I feel I have really come a long way with all your help. Thank you for help and knowledge that is helping me recover. - Regge C 8/7

“Everything done with my foot here was so helpful and definitely made it heal very much faster. The staff at the front desk was very helpful with making times work, and I also thought they were very nice” - Tucker T 8/5

“Excellent service, very knowledgeable staff. Very patient and supportive with clients. I will recommend OTS to family and friends and to my physicians” - Olga S 8/4

“It was very efficient and effective” - Leo H 8/4

September 2015

"Thanks to everyone, you were great. It was a hard road at first but you all were so patient & understanding. I am forever grateful" - Chintelle G. 9/29

"I think the information &teaching helped me to understand what I needed to do to get better" - Glenn S. 10/13

"I am very satisfied with the care I received. Referred for range of mobility. It is much better. (90% according to my dr. Staff is helpful, friendly and accomodating" - A. Katrina I. 9/25

"Very professional and knowledgable, friendly and coutious staff. Pleasent general atmosphere. Looked forward to coming to appointment" - Joe L. 9/17

"Great staff. nice calm atmosphere. Very helpful information given by staff. Very understanding staff" - Corey A. 9/16

"Thank you. Everyone has been so wonderful and caring" - Gail K 9/15

"The time I spent here was enjoyable and I will probably return in the future" - Zach W. 9/11

"Staff was very helpful and friendly. The care given was very good and helpful" - Alyssa G. 9/3

"Very friendly atmosphere. They make it a pleasent experience" - Phyllis M. 9/3

"Thank you for all your help. So glad I found you on the internet" - Gloria A. 9/2

"Great service and help. The therapist was excellent. Scheduling was easy" - Hakan Y. 9/1

October 2015

"Okemos Therapy Services is by far the best place that I received any type of physical therapy. Management and staff are attentive, skilled and proffesional yet compassionatewith all their patients. They provide flexible appointments, hours and a clean facility. They strive to teach and heal all their patients. They provide you with skills that will last a life time. Thank you" - May A. 10/24

“I have enjoyed the friendly people and that they helped my husband a lot. I am very grateful for that. He is doing so much better. I would recommend this staff to anyone that needs help with speech or pain of any sort. Thanks to all the friendly staff.”  – John & Ruby C 10/22

“Polite, knowledgeable, patient and friendly. Very helpful”  - William D 10/22

“The clinic staff was friendly and good. Thank you a lot” – Gregg P 10/19

“I had a positive experience with Okemos Therapy. The staff were very helpful and made me feel comfortable” – Hayne K 10/17

“Staff were very helpful and courteous” – Joe P 10/17

“Thank you! You help to improve my quality of life. I can do more things now” – Olga S 10/17

“The staff has been exceptionally professional, helpful and friendly which made therapy more enjoyable.” - Carl V 10/15

"Each of the staff I interacted with was kind and competent. I believe that the pain in my back/spine has decreased considerably. Ajay is a miracle maker” – Pamela B 10/16

“Friendly knowledgeable staff that are motivated to get patients healed.” - Luke G 10/15

“Okemos Therapy Services was the first place in many years that really helped me.   Knowledgeable therapist  Ajay Bhargava has done a miracle in alleviating my back pain combination of massage & exercises was what I needed. I would gladly recommend OTS to anyone suffering from pain.” – Jolanta P 10/10

“Alicia is awesome. Highly recommend” – Elizabeth P 10/10

“My right shoulder has improved. I am able to lift my right arm and can lower my arm.  I am able to drive and turn the steering wheel without pain. I have gained strength and plan to continue with my exercises.” – Berta W 10/08

“The stretches I was taught helped me a lot. Thanks for making my back feel better” – Mackenzie S 10/8

“This has been a very pleasant and productive experience-positive environment –positive staff. Thank you.” – Bonita B 10/7

“Very happy with the attention and help you gave to my mothers. Enjoyed the “family” atmosphere.” – Sharon R 10/6

“ I enjoyed my time – actually had fun at physical therapy” – Cori H 10/6

“They were willing to work with my personal and work schedule. They were good about answering health questions and explain things.” – Kristine K 10/3

“No waiting, timely, friendly. Will recommend to my family & friends this place if need PT” - Meena S 10/1

“This is a wonderful experience. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions and advise alternative methods to achieve the desired outcome” – Sandra S 10/1


November 2015

“My experience here was excellent. It really helped my headaches. The staff was wonderful and very helpful” – Nick M.  11/25

“Your staff made me feel comfortable and explained everything very well” – Shirley M.  11/20

“Great job.  Very professional. Work you hard to get the best results for you” – Kevin M.  11/20

“I have no complaints. Overall the experience with therapy was excellent and the doctor and the employees were great. If I had to do therapy again I would come back here” – Barbara E.  11/20

“The care I received was very helpful and the exercises really did a lot for my pain management” – Lynn S. 11/20

“Doc Ajay and staff are very good at what they do. Highly recommend” – Dwight B. 11/20

“Kristal was excellent and very professional” - Pat D. 11/19

“Very good experience. Took time to do extra on days when I was more sore, but cut back on number of appointments when I was improving…didn’t try to drag out care. They also answered questions when I had them” – Susan E. 11/18

“Therapy sessions were done in a timely manner. There was very little wait time for the appointment. I have no thoughts for improvement. This was my first time in therapy” - Cathy B. 11/18

“Okemos therapy is outstanding in helping its patients with the best therapy around. Ajay and his assistants are knowledgeable and patient. Always correct you if an exercise is done incorrectly and homework is explained very clearly. They put in long days and still have a great sense of humor. Will miss them” - Barbara B. 11/11

“Fixed me and that’s the best gift of the last few years” - Jesse S. 11/12

Very professional and friendly. I was very pleased with the service and results” – Bob H. 11/5


December 2015

“It was a positive experience in a difficult time. Thanks for clear explanations. Friendly well informed staff really helped get me walking straight again. Thanks for all the help” - Clair W. 12/31

“This isn’t the first time I’ve done PT for my knee. The other place was good but this place is so much better. This is such a warm and inviting environment. I will refer anyone and everyone I know to come work with everyone here” - James K. 12/22

“Very professional and compassionate. Felt immediate relief with therapy. Thank you” - Debra D. 12/31

“Thank you! Great staff, thanks AJ!” - Hiro I. 12/30

“Thank you to Ajay and the staff here for showing care and welcoming me. Thank you also for giving me back quality of life” - Jennifer E. 12/30

“My son loved going here. Everyone was very friendly and even called to see how Nathan felt before his next appointment because he missed the last one. Dr. would always ask Nathan what he is learning in school and then would tell him to find names of things or what not that they were talking about. I’m just so happy that Nathan came here for physical therapy, they are great people” - Michelle P. 12/19

“Once again Ajay exceeds all expectations and helps me maintain a normal and very active lifestyle. Beyond his skills as a therapist, Ajay exudes a human spirituality and kindness seen in few others” - Edward L. 12/18

“Great people with expert knowledge. Everyone did a wonderful job. I would and have recommend Okemos Therapy Services to family, friends and teammates” - Charles R. 12/19

“I enjoyed the staff. I didn’t feel like a stranger walking. I also liked how Ajay engaged with me as well instead of just his staff members” - Gabrielle W. 12/17

“We are very pleased with the care that Charlotte received. She has come so far since therapy. Thank you” - Charlotte W. 12/15

“Super friendly and professional. Need to buy pink color tape” - Daniel H. 12/15

“Getting treatment 3X a week really helped my progress move steadily. Also the exercises kept my back move along”  - Mary S. 12/10

“My therapy experience here at Okemos Therapy has been very friendly and I looked forward to the time I worked out here” - Bernita M. 12/10

“Staff was very personable and knowledgeable” - Sam N. 12/7

“In my own profession I’ve always said getting good feedback is always nice and getting negative feedback is a gift, because it gives you what you need to always stay on top of your performance. I’d love to be able to give the gift that keeps on giving but everyone and my treatment and my experience has been absolutely excellent. Thank you very, very, very much!”  - Tammy Lynn A. 12/8

“Caring and expert service. For every visit staff is making sure that I am having some improvement” – Ashok C. 12/04

“The treatment I received at Okemos Therapy has been a very positive experience and is making a world of difference from when I first received therapy to being discharged today. I feel that the experiences will maintain my wellness and I have no qualms about doing them twice daily. The routine is simple and effective. Many thanks to the whole staff” – Ann K. 12/4


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