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November 2014 - July 2015

November 2014

“Very thorough instruction and explanation of the why and how for all of the exercises and therapy.” – Christine 11/14

“Wonderful and caring staff.” – Jisha 11/14

“Overall, very helpful and educational experience!” – Kintla 11/14

“Excellent care, my knee is back to normal. Well informed and knowledgeable staff, also very caring. I would highly recommend Okemos Therapy Services.” – Michael 11/14

“Excellent care- great results!” – Patricia 11/14

“I came with pain; after the first visits the pain was gone. The therapy routines were explained to me and all questions were answered and demonstrated to provide further clarification. Ajay and the other staff members were great.” – Lonnie 11/14

“My range of motion in neck and area has improved. Copies of exercises were very helpful. My posture has improved with exercises and neck was stretched.” – Berta 11/14

“The staff was very professional and Ajay and Jeff were great!” – Janet 11/14

“The staff was wonderful at understanding my specific problem and not only helping me get better but also to stay better. Thank you!” – Jason 11/14

“I am feeling much better with greater mobility and less to no pain.” – Cindy 11/14

“The time I spent here was excellent! The staff was very nice, welcoming and kind!” – Erin 11/14

“I love coming here. Everyone is so friendly. They listen to how you are feeling and come up with ways to relieve the pain and discomfort. I highly recommend Okemos Therapy Services!” – Connie 11/14

December 2014

“Landon and I loved coming here. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and professional. Christel is an awesome person; she is hardworking, kind, helpful and compassionate. We will miss you all! Thanks for a great six months.” – Mandy 12/14

“Second of two knees, once again all business with making sure all exercises are done and done correctly. Advancement observed each visit, and any questions answered.” – Milan 12/14

“Very helpful!” – Terese 12/14

“I started without any patience for PT- looking for immediate relief. I now have the relief from pain, have the tools to handle it if it returns, and have my freedom back to be active again. From skeptic to believer. Thank you! “ – Patricia 12/14

“Excellent care- everything very well explained and very patient answering all my questions.” – Mary 12/14

“Ajay was awesome. The rest of the staff was very nice and always caring.” – Jordan 12/14

“Everyone has been amazing and very helpful all the way through.  From getting my balance back to regaining my strength and handwriting back. I am grateful to each and every one of you. For kindness, patience, compassion, care, smiles and help I needed it all to get better. There were days that you were the only social interactions I had after the stroke, and I had quite an emotional roller coaster to get through as I still heal from it, I am being told that it is a process much like a grieving process that has stages. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Meghan 12/14

“The amount of time spent by the Physical Therapist is far superior to what I had previously experienced at other Physical Therapy facilities. Office staff is friendly and communicate well. Physical Therapy Assistants are also friendly and knowledgeable.” – Edward 12/14

“Staff was caring and friendly. Made me feel welcome and at home.” – Dean 12/14

“I am more aware of the cause of my condition from having had the therapy. My neck is looser.” – Patricia 12/14

“I was very comfortable here and I got great help with my shoulder.” – Jerry 12/14

“The staff is wonderful! Looking for an excuse to come back! Everyone was kind and considerate and very patient with me in dealing with my injuries and pain” – Connie 12/14

January 2015

"Thanks for your genuine conern for my healing." - Stanley 1/31

"When I was first injured I was convinced I was going to need knee surgery. With Ajay's expertise, he was able to determine my underlying issue and correct the problem to give me pain free results. Thank you1" - Jackie 1/30

"Ajay really does have magic hands! :)" - Bianca 1/30

"They are very hands on!" - Kathy 1/23

"We love the friendly face while coming and all of the staff says hi to everyone that comes in. The info that they give to take home and work with is excellent." - Philip 1/29

"I was well pleased with the services and staff. P.T. was very good at explaining what the process as doing." - Colleen 1/30

"Very satisfied with my care." - Nancy 1/24

"Everyone here is nice and easy to talk with. They make sure you are doing the exercises right and correct you if you are not doing them right. You know that they care about your health." - Lyndi 1/23

"I have always had an excellent experience here and have recommended it to friends. I am thankful to be able to come here." - Denise 1/23

"Great therapy and they dealt with my pain in a short period of time." - Stanley 1/17

"Appreciated appointments starting when schedules." - Jennifer 1/22

"The staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I will continue to come to Okemos Therapy Services whenever I need Physical Therapy. - Stephanie 1/7

"Everyone was kind and upbeat. Cristal has been able to teach my husband to speak in sentences. When the weather improves we will be back." - Charles' wife 1/6

February 2015

"Very friendly staff :) I enjoyed my therapy sessions." - Tonia 2/27

"Therapy times were very flexible. Worked hard for my success." - Darwin 2/27

"I am very happy with my P.T. experience. Ajay, Jeff and Kayla were all very attentive and listened to my concerns. Thank you." - Tracy 2/27

"I appreciate the positive attitude and information I was given. Thanks so much for the info, advice and overall great experience!! :)" - Inger 2/20

"First time i've had P.T. and it was successfully helpful. the staff was exceptional, friendly and always helpful. They truly care. The doctor was excellent as well. He made me feel comfortable and addressed all issues. Great all around customer service." - Debra 2/20

"I got the attention and time from the staff, and I believe this is what a patient needs!" - Ashish 2/14

"Friendly-experienced-very helpful." - Brad 2/14

"Staff is very friendly. I am very greatful to Ajay and the staff. Thanks a lot." - Prasannaben 2/6

"I love the staff at OTS." - Julia 2/6

March 2015

"5 Star service, staff was excellent! Ajay is a great Dr., I would highly recomment Ajay and his staff!" -Shawn 3/25

"Very professional, conscientious and thoughtful service. I felt well cared for and had great trust/confidence in the staff." - Joe 3/24

"At first I thought that my pain was not going to go away but I was surprised that at the end I felt great." - Nancy 3/20

"A special thank you to Ajay, Jeff and the staff!" - Rosemary 3/25

"The staff has been very friendly, very helpful and very informative. This has been a good experience. I hope I can take the knowledge I gained from here and continue to improve." - Glen 3/24

"I apreciate the concern of your staff." - louis 3/13

"I felt that Okemos Therapy was extremely helpful in my recovery. Not just by the level of love provided nor the professionality, but the informative and compassionate environment provided in my experience with P.T. was unmatched. Thank you Okemos Therapy staff for aiding me in my recovery." - Antonio 3/10

"Everyone is very friendly. Great staff and very caring." - Cody 3/3

April 2015

"Very professional and informative staff. The staff has been very nice and I would consider you all to be my friends, Thank you! :)" - Scott 4/30

"The staff was great and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable around Ajay and his staff. You were very easy to accommodate my schedule with." - Mehak 4/30

"Very friendly people. Easy to work with." - David 4/30

"Very friendly people." - Chandler 4/28

"The therapy session was beneficial, able to resolve the issue." - Somu 4/28

"Accomplished staff with good, patient repoir." - Bruce 4/24

"I appreciate the exercises that I can continue to do on my own, and that I don't need any machines or costly equipment to meet my goals." - Ann 4/16

"Everyone was friendly and tailored his therapy appropriately." - Ahmad 4/9

"Really good experience! I have had P.T. a number of times and this was the best experience in every regard. Thanks!" - Jim 4/3

May 2015

"Everybody was professional, courteous, and helped me effectively." - Ruben 5/26

"A.J. is the nicest guy and the staff is so friendly. I love the teaching and helpful things to take home from therapy." - Steve 5/22

"I would rate this as the best facility I have been to. The one on one care with the same therapist is a plus you don't get at other therapy facilities." -Martha 5/21

"Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. They worked my visits into my schedule." -Patricia 5/20

"My therapy was very helpful. At times I came in with a pain level of 6 or 7 but after treatment I left with 0 pain. I must have a few more tests. However, I will resume P.T. here." -Ruth 5/20

"Ajay was very patient and kind. We appreciate the time he took w/ our daughter. We will hopefully never need P.T. again :) But if we do we'll come back here!" -Marsha 5/20

"Was prompt with the appointments. Appointments didn't run over the time limit." -Lois 5/21

"Well cared for facility-very clean. Staff was great and friendly. The Dr. has very good bedside manner, and is very professional!" -Lynette 5/15

"The services here are the best i've ever had, especially after surgery. Okemos Therapy Services you guys rock!! You're the greatest." - Bryan 5/15

"We just want to say thank you for everything." - Philip 5/1

June 2015

"The care was very good and there was a friendly staff. They did a great job, thanks!" - James 6/1

"I'm very happy with the PT here. Everything was explained and I felt genuine help with my neck problem." - Debbie 6/1

"I would like to thank Okemos Therapy staff for all of their help with my son's leg and back pains. Since coming here the pains aren't like they were before he started therapy." - Sylvester 6/4

"Service was great-I no longer need to see a chiropractor (who was not really fixing the problem). I was able to see the same PT for 80% of my visits-I appreciate the consistency. On one occasion I didn't feel completely relieved of my pain and the PT took me back and stretched my back again-I felt that my input was valued." - Kelly 6/7

"You guys rock!" - Connie 6/10

"I felt well taken care of, the staff is very friendly and I always felt like someone was paying attention to me. I've seen the results but I still need to keep exercising and getting stronger." - Michael 6/11

"The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I'm pleased with how quickly my leg got better." - Joy 6/12

"Bristol is a very shy and reserved infant. The staff took their tie to comfort and let Briston warm up tot them. I appreciate not pushing us both out of our comfort zones. I was also taught many useful exercises to help strengthen Bristol's muscles. Thank you!" - Brittany 6/14

"Office and Therapy staff were friendly and informative. They work around my busy work schedule and they had my ankle feeling 100% better." - TJ 6/23

"I liked the approach of starting off slower and building the treatment and exercises up over time. It helped put less strain on my knee so that it could heal instead of hurting more." - Emily 6/24

"Overall excellent service. I appreciated the relaxed and friendly atmosphere." - Darren 6/27

"Thank you Ajay, Jess and Denise for the care and attention given. I appreciate you all very much." - Judy 6/26

"Ajay and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, kind and make you feel very comfortable. I have and will continue to recommend Okemos Therapy Services to everyone." - Laura 6/13

"A great experience during a painful time. Everyone was helpful, flexible and friendly." - Cindy 6/23

"I had never had therapy before. I was very impressed and thought the people did an excellent job in teaching and instructing me. I would highly recommend coming again." - Betty 6/24

"My experienes were very good here. They got rid of my pain and that was my goal." - Loretta 6/25

"Great staff! They helped me get my life and back on track. Very few if aqny changes should be made. For listening to my concerns-thank you." - Louis 6/30

"Everyone is so friendly and informative! the entire staff was genuine and I felt well taken care of each visit. I would recomend Okemos Therapy Services to anyone." -Cally 6/29

"Therapy was very helpful, and everyone was very kind and caring." - Donna 6/29

July 2015

“Excellent personal therapy given. Great improvement! One of the best Physical Therapy sessions I’ve had!” – Agnes T.  7/2

“Reception staff was outstanding: competent, friendly. There was one occasion when I thought the Physical Therapist was overloaded with working with several (3) patients at a time. Not a problem, though.” – Gus B. 7/3

“The staff was very nice and did an excellent job with my Therapy.” –Connor A. 7/9

“From the front desk (Kayla) to the care from Ajay and Jeff, I am in better health. They are caring and professional. Thank you all.” – Karol W. 7/15

“The doctor was great in explaining the issue and how to continue treatment at home.” – Angela P. 7/15

“I think everything was great. I felt the increase in exercises was gradual and wasn’t too fast or too slow. The staff was kind and helpful in getting the exercises correct.” – Elizabeth C. 7/17

“Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. The staff was informative and did a good job at explaining the injury and treatment.” – Conor D. 7/22

“AJ was very helpful with everything. The staff was very friendly.” – Amy B. 7/23

“Everything is excellent.” – Shrikumar P. 7/23

“Very caring, professional staff. Thank you!” – Susan S. 7/23

“Everyone here is awesome! Ajay is very knowledgeable and I learned quite a bit about my ailments.” Thank you!!” – Jason S. 7/23

“staff are terrific! Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and take an interest in the patient. Facilities are in good order and upkeep and provide a professional atmosphere.” – Joseph L. 7/27

“Excellent Service. Very knowledgeable. Very result oriented.” – Mukundan A. 7/29

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