May - July 2014

July 2014

“I really enjoyed the electric therapy; it felt very good on my back. Some stretches didn’t seem to affect my back, however, I am not the expert so I listen and just do them. The guys were all great and Ajay gave me a lot of insight on my condition. Hopefully over time I will gain some more strength and my back pain will be more relieved. “   -Brett 07/14

“The therapy staff is very knowledgeable, attentive, caring and helpful.” –Louise 07/14

“Ajay and staff were wonderful, clean rooms and equipment. Everyone was so nice and considerate of my pain problem. Would come back if necessary.” –Dawn 07/14

“Staff very friendly and welcoming. It was a very helpful experience with accountability and honesty.” –Karlin 07/14

“I would readily and heartily recommend Okemos Therapy Services! Ajay and Jeff are knowledgeable and easy to work with! The only problem was the writer’s failure to do the exercises. Because of the information provided, the writer is determined to continue the program, in order not to lose advantage of the services received.” –Dale 07/14

“Everyone was really nice and the environment was relaxing. I had no idea what to expect starting physical therapy, but overall it was very good.” –Emily 07/14

“I think the staff did an excellent job. I could hardly walk when I came here, now it is good walking. Thank you!” –Catherine 07/14

“So thankful to be feeling back to normal! Ajay and his staff are so kind and make recover a great experience.” –Erin 07/14

“I have no ideas about what could improve especially liked paper listing and illustrating my exercises to help my memory. Nice, friendly staff appreciated.” –Kay 07/14

“My husband had therapy here over a year ago- and did very well, so I knew when I came I would have the best also.” –Mylene 07/14

“My pain level right now is zero. Ajay has an exceptional ability to move muscles and joints to physiologically correct and healthy position. Thank you!” –Mary 07/14

“In 2.5 weeks I went from great back pain to no pain. I’m encouraged and dedicated to staying flexible and pain-free via the simple exercises suggested by the staff. Thank you for your sensible advice.” –Ann 07/14

“I fully appreciate the therapy I received from the staff. In affect to my quick recover to afford my return to work. Thank you very much!” –Dan 07/14

June 2014

“I want to thank you all for the therapy service and staff a great job you have done.” – Gary 06/14

“Ajay, as always, was patient with me throughout and as my health, flexibility and strength improved- so did my mood! Thank you Ajay!” – Vicki 06/14

“The exercises were helpful in relieving the shoulder pain; the electric shocks, heat, and ultrasound were soothing and comforting, Ajay checked progress regularly and the therapist watched every move to ensure proper treatment” – John 06/14

“Dismissing the obvious pain and discomfort this experience has been pleasant. Appintments were available easily and the staff was wonderful.” – Melissa 06/14

“I was very pleased with my experience here and the friendly staff. Comfortable setting! Thank you!” –Victoria 06/14

“Great staff, great doctor, helped me get better!” – Jaclyn 06/14

“Experience has been very advantageous- session at therapy combined with home program proved to be very beneficial. Appreciated very much the time taken for specific problem areas. Hands on correction moves really helped me a lot as well as better understood my problems. Thanks much!!” – Catherine 06/14

“I appreciated the watchful eyes of the therapists as I did my exercises. I still have some symptoms I started with but hope it will improve more with time.” – Teruko 06/14

“They take time to listen and work with you!” – Judith 06/14

“The staff was very caring and attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family” – Jonathon 06/14

“It was great that you always made sure I was doing my exercises correctly. Other places they just leave you on your own, net necessarily doing it correctly.” – Marian 06/14 

May 2014

“I have had a very positive, beneficial experience at Okemos Therapy. Everyone was kind and professional. I can’t say enough how great it was to work with Ajay. He is so knowledgeable and patient and helpful. I am very appreciative of my time spent here.” –Denise 05/14

“Everything was great!! The office worked with me on appointment times. Personnel were very friendly and cheerful. I would come back again if I needed it for the same thing or anything different. “–Mary 05/14

“I received excellent care. The staff was very helpful and answered any questions I had. The scheduled appointments were well administered and staff was efficient. “–Bruce 05/14

“Everyone was absolutely great with Jason- thank you!” –Mary 05/14

“You all rock, thank you!” –Deborah 05/14

“Okemos Therapy Services was great at getting back to work faster than first thought. Staff is very helpful and friendly; I would come back again and recommend to anyone. Thank you very much for helping me achieve my goal of getting back to work quickly.” Derrick 05/14

“Excellent care.” –Jisha 05/14

“I enjoy that you get fast positive results and would recommend people to you.” –Dionnedra 05/14

“Everyone here is friendly, cheerful and very helpful. I like it because they go after the individual problems that brought you here. It is always relaxed but well supervised to succeed. They listen to what you want to tell them, and always have an answer. It’s a great place- I’m happy with my progress.” –Jean 05/14

“I was very pleased with my therapy and the staff. I would definitely recommend others to go here. I would also choose Okemos Therapy Services if I had to ever have therapy again in the future. The staff went above and beyond.” –Rhonda