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May 2018

“I was pleased with the level of care and professionalism executed by all the staff members. I enjoyed the atmosphere and personal interest in my well being taken by the staff. Thank you for your kind words and patience.” -Jnaubah H.

“Okemos Therapy Services was very helpful in prescribing exercises to strengthen my muscles, as well as help me learn more about my condition. I appreciate all their work and expertise with questions I asked. This helped me understand the best steps to take next with my knee.” -Nichole S.

“I really enjoyed my time here, and my condition has greatly improved.” -Abigail H.

“I am pleased with the care. Ajay was very helpful and attentive to my pain, and helped me understand the things I needed to do at home to help me get better.” -Ginger L.

“I really appreciated the care I received during my recovery.” Ethan F.

“I would thoroughly recommend to a patient to start with the physical therapy session as soon as possible. I started three weeks after my wrist support brace was removed, I should have started my therapy session right away. Therapy session was great!!!” -Yashesh D.

“I don’t feel uncomfortable coming here. They really listen and have great bedside manners. I will definitely be recommending them to others.” -Susan S.

“The staff is very helpful and very caring. There care about your health and do what they have to, to help you get better.” -Morgan H.

“Dr. Ajay and his staff are very dedicated to their job. They care about their patients.” -Calvin C.

“The therapy I received was excellent. It really helped, and the staff was always friendly and smiled and good people who care. Bless you all and thank you!” -Larry B.

Want Some Help?