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March 2019

“I am very pleased with my experience at Okemos Therapy Services. The treatment was comprehensive, personal, and completely tailored to my physical needs. Beginning at the front desk, the atmosphere at Okemos Therapy Services is very pleasant, calming, and customer-focused. Thank you!” Alison H.

“I am VERY GRATEFUL to have been referred to Okemos Therapy because this place was perfect. I was treated well with knowledge, education, respect, and most of all, with great results of relieving my pain.” Beverly S.

“Ajay, Jeff, and Linda were all very helpful in my healing process. I arrived weak-very weak, and now I am able to move much better and with more confidence. Thank you for giving me back my smooth, stronger movement.” -Teri L.

“[T]he only place to go for PT. I was given a thorough exam and explanation of my problem. The exercises and treatments were progressively increased at [a] comfortable rate.” – Thomas B.

“Very friendly and helpful staff. I saw immediate improvement in my joint movement and increasing strength as I did the exercises.” Dan M.

“Overall, I would rate my experience 100% excellent, best treatment in my life. Dr. Ajay Bhargava is an amazing therapist.” -Surendra B.

“Therapy staff spends quality time with each patient, always made sure I left feeling the best. Everyone in the office is very friendly.” – Erica V.

“I loved coming here!” -Neera R.

“Thank you for the wonderful service!”-Amy Z.

“I have had excellent therapy care. The exercises helped me with my knee pain and the other care they used. I would recommend to others. Great care.” Phyllis H.

“When I started, I couldn’t do simple tasks such as opening a bottle of pop. Now I feel I’m 100% back to normal. Thanks to Dr. Ajay and staff. I am now confident in riding my bike again.” Swami G.

“I had a great experience here! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Thanks for everything!” -Katie H.

“I am so happy; Okemos Therapy Services is the best therapist and the staff was excellent.” Navodita B.

Want Some Help?