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March - April 2016

“This was a very good experience. Had relief after the first session. The people are very contentious and extremely helpful.” - Robert L. 3/11/16

“Staff was very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend Okemos Therapy Services.” - Gregory K. 3/17/16

“This was my 2nd therapy session here. Staff was helpful and instructive. Keep up the great work.” - Clair W. 3/17/16

 “The doctor, his assistant and staff are very knowledgeable and understand my problem and the treatment was very good.” - Venugopalam S. 3/19/16

 “I appreciate the very helpful and practical help in developing these stretching exercises. You have a very friendly staff making this an enjoyable process.” - Daniel M. 3/21/16

 “Speech teacher was excellent.” - Fred H. 3/26/16

 “Service was excellent; I have no suggestions for improvement.” - Jan S. 3/29/16

 “Very friendly and helpful staff. Took plenty of time with me and explained things very well.”  - Roy H. 3/31/16

April 2016

 “Ajay and his staff provided very positive therapy, and were very helpful in educating me about strengthening techniques I can do at home. I always felt comfortable to be honest. Thanks everybody!” - Amy R. 4/1/16

 “Friendly staff, clear facility, helpful and considerate staff. Listen and respond to your needs.”  - Stratton L. 4/2/16

 “As I discussed with Ajay and the staff, I’m very pleased with the attention to detail and the personal care. - Reddog S. 4/2/16

 “A pleasure as always. Okemos Therapy will continue to be my go to office when I need physical therapy. Ajay and his staff are wonderful.” - Anne P. 4/4/16

 “Appreciate all members of OTS. Everyone was kind, thoughtful and accommodating. PT program was excellent. Thank you!” - Linda M. 4/7/16

 “Very friendly yet professional, knowledgeable and competent.” - Sanjay G. 4/8/16

 “Thanks for all of your help!” - Jason G. 4/13/16

 “Before I came to OTS I had chronic neck pain and headaches 2-3 times a week. I now am pretty much pain free and the headaches have lessened considerably. Thank you!” - Kim G. 4/13/16

 “The staff was always very friendly. I feel much better now than when I first came in.” - Stephanie D. 4/15/16

"Thank you for helping me heal, as always I am very grateful to Ajay for his expertise in rehabilitation. I am very happy with services. All the staff is very good. Alyssa is very good too. I appreciate Jeff's knowledge as well, impressed with positive attitude of all receptionists." - Shari J. 4/21/16

"I loved coming here, I made my injury 'fun'. I got to have fun while I got better, and Ajay was very nice. He loves to talk with his patients, and I loved talking sports with him. I am 100% back to normal." - Jesse I. 4/23/16

"I think I'm better off coming here. Everyone treated me very good, like I was important to get better not just their job. I want to thank everyone here and if ever needed I would come back here and I would refer this place to everyone needing therapy." - Ronald S. 4/26/16

"Great place. Very professional." - Timothy B. 4/28/16

"I would recommend to anyone I know. They were awesome!" - Sally M. 4/28/16

"I liked the flexibility of appointment times. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. It was demanding work but fun at the same time. I will miss them all." - Sharon W. 4/29/16

"I always have the best results with my recovery when I go to Okemos Therapy Services." - Monica S. 4/29/16

"Everyone was great and helpful all the time. I felt like they took the time to help me get better and get to know me. I wasn't just a patient." - Andrew S. 4/29/16

"My care was wonderful. Everyone made sure I understood my exercises and how to modify them at home to achieve my goals. Staff was friendly and encouraging." - Jacquelyn R. 4/29/16

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