January - April 2014

January 2014

“I am very happily surprised at how quickly I made such progress. I never would have expected full use of my knee after so few sessions. Thank you to all.” -Lisa 1/14

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful attention and  A-line therapy. It was a pleasure getting to know all of you and I will refer my friends and family to you. Thanks again.” -Debra 1/14

“When calling other Physical Therapy offices to set up my first appointment I found them very unfriendly. When I called here you all were very helpful and were able to work around my schedule.” – Virginia 2/14

February 2014

“Very dedicated and professional staff. Very thorough with observation and technique, he was extremely knowledgeable about all the parts and functions of the body. Best therapy and results ever!! Thank you, AJ and team!” –Lisa 2/14

“I had a very positive experience here. Everyone was professional, very pleasant and very helpful.” – Denise 2/14

“I have had previous therapy experiences; this however was so exceptional in every way. I am so grateful for the referral from Dr. Winklepleck. It was absolutely the right one for me. This has made a huge difference in my back recovery. Kudos to Okemos Therapy Services, thank you so much!” – Rosemary 2/14

“Therapy helped a lot, my wrist doesn’t hurt anymore.” – Peggy 2/14

“I love coming here for Physical Therapy! They make if fun to get better!” – Anne 2/14

March 2014

“I appreciate all the exercises I’ve learned here. Important exercises were added as we went, and that was a good job of recognizing my problems and adapting. I’m not all better yet, but I now have a path and exercises to continue the progress I’ve made here. The staff is very friendly, and they pay attention to what you say.” – Philip 03/14

“Okemos Therapy Services and Ajay provide outstanding services, from specific condition diagnosis, to therapy, instruction on exercises, and stretching/manipulation. Would highly recommend to my friend and others.” – Taylor 03/14

“I learned to do many different exercises that I can do at home! I do believe this will help me every day!” –Catherine 03/14

“I have had much P.T. in my life. Okemos Physical Therapy is light hearted, yet get to the cure of the problem. Very direct questions were asked to get the progress needed. Staff was helpful in scheduling, very relaxing and caring atmosphere.” –Jennifer 03/14

“I’ve received services from Okemos Therapy Services for 3 different injuries and had good results every time.” –Laura 03/14

“Friendly atmosphere, very helpful and knowledgeable!” –Mary 03/14

“AJ does a very great job!” –Robert 03/14

“Excellent staff, made great progress in such a short time.” –Kevin 03/14

“Started at the elbow and followed out to the feet, much more effective than a bottle of pills.” – Dennis 03/14

“Good exercises regimens, interesting got me to a very good position and easier for me to get in shape.” –Buddy 03/14


April 2014

“Very professional- always answered questions and very patient. I’m ready to continue my activities thanks to staff.” –Philip 04/14

“Excellent staff! Coordinated services/activities very well! Massage after exercises really helped center on the muscles that were problematic.” –Nancy 04/14

“Everything was very excellent all the way around.” –Arthur 04/14

“The attention and car from staff was very good. I felt that I was important to them and they cared about my progress.” –Martha 04/14

“Always prompt with appointment times. Staff was always friendly and approachable.” –Kim 04/14

“Great working with Ajay and staff!” –Shawn 04/14

“Excellent caring staff!” –Michelle  04/14

“Though I am a physician, I always learn something new when I come here.” –Kenya 04/14

“I love this place!” –Jacqueline 04/14

“I had a great experience with the whole staff and will tell everyone that as well. If I need more therapy I shall come back happily!” –Francisco 04/14

“Dedicated and highly professional concerned staff. Polite and friendly.” – Norman 04/14

“Everyone has been great!!! Thank you so much!” – Dianne 04/14

“Everyone at the office was extremely nice and pleasant. I am very happy with the staff and will miss them when their services are no longer needed.” – Jennifer 04/14

“The care I received was very helpful and my pain is gone.” – Stephanie 04/14

“The entire staff is extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I will miss them but not the pain!” – Leigh 04/14

“My experiences have been very helpful and I always felt better afterwards. The staff was great, very friendly and meets you with a smile which is always nice. You do a great job and make it a good experience. Thank you.” – Larry 04/14

“Timely service very appreciated!” – Cheryl 04/14

“I can rely on the professional at Okemos Therapy Services to help me get rid of the pain and any other problems I might bring to them. I take away with me a thorough knowledge of exercises that will help prevent or post-pone further therapy. This staff is wonderful!” – Grew 04/14

“When I came in I was in much sciatic pain, left leg all the way to my foot. Ajay helped little by little; step by step and gradually my pain disappeared over 3 weeks time. What a joy to be pain free! I recommend coming here very much.” – Steven 04/14

“This was an extremely positive experience. Your staff is friendly and accommodating, and the care I received was excellent, efficient and personal. Thank you!” – Sarah 04/14