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July - September 2017

July 2017

“I have used Okemos Therapy before. Ajay is #1 in physical therapy. He explains what and why he is doing specific therapy; he makes sure your home workouts are also explained well. His personality and staff make therapy fun and comfortable. A perfect place to be if you need this help!” – Barb B.

“Overall, staff was very kind and took time to listen to any concerns and questions I may have had regarding my therapy. I always left feeling better!” – Janice C.

“My experience at Okemos Therapy Services was excellent. All of the staff made everything informative but also very fun. Thanks for being awesome!” - Sydney D.

“Ajay and Michael were amazing on how they stretched me. The workers were great. My body feels so much better. Thank you so much.” - Jennifer H.

“No complaints. If I was early I was usually seen earlier. Staff was very friendly and explained everything in depth.” - Matthew T.

“I enjoyed my time in Physical Therapy, everyone was very friendly and helpful. Thank you!” – Kathryn W.

“Thorough and professional service for my first time having Physical Therapy. Educational as well.” - James W.

“Awesome! I would tell that to anyone. Consider friends. Thank you.” – Mark S.

“I had many problems with my legs and feet and my balance - no more!! I hope to continue the exercises. Adieu” – Bess S.

August 2017

“I really appreciated the flexibility of the scheduling and staff patience with my kids.” - Tiffany H.

“I am very pleased with the services provided. The staff was outstanding!” - Susana S.

“Always targeted therapy with great results.” - Dawn S.

“Always king and helpful. It’s a grade A place.” - Jack V.

“An excellent facility for receiving therapy. Very knowledgeable, caring, encouraging therapist with good teaching and interactions skills. It was a pleasure to work with you, Michael, and I always appreciated the friendly and helpful ways of the receptionist, Alyssa, and the other therapists.” - Jan P.

“Ajay and his staff are awesome, very polite, great manners, very professional. They gave me strength to do Physical Therapy even when it hurt. Thanks ALL.” - Nancy G.

“It was very helpful and I learned a lot. I felt heard.” - Jessica D.

“Ajay and his staff are terrific.” - Lisa L

“You can be sure that you will be healed. The therapy provided by Ajay is outstanding and he deals directly with the problem bringing in quick healing.” - Stanley S.

“Everyone was excellent and helped me out a lot.” - Jean P.

“What I think you did well is focus on the patient’s area of need. The exercises are helpful and appropriate. The heat and ultrasound are bonuses. However, I found them to be essential to my success. I have no recommendations for what you can do better. I’m highly satisfied with the care that I received.” - Teleta W.

The doctor and staff are very patient and diligent and I would recommend them others that I know.” - James M.

“Ajay worked wonders. When I first saw him I couldn’t sit, my pain was a lot! By the time I was done my pain was a 1. He’s awesome!! The rest of his staff are also awesome! Thank you all so much!” - Bonnie G.

“I really appreciated how much information and instruction I received whenever I had a question. It wasn’t just “do [this]” it was “do [this] because [this].” If I could rate that aspect above excellent I would. That was a critically important piece of my experience; in addition to the care provided, that made me feel very valued and listened to.” - Krystalle D.

September 2017

“I really enjoyed the traction and soft tissue massage. Ajay truly has “magic hands.” - Donna O.

“Staff encouraged me to continue working even when I felt I couldn’t and was at a standstill. Awesome experience.” - Brenda S.

“Okemos Therapy is a great place. Staff is very friendly. Ajay is very professional and takes very good care of the patient.” - Poonam W.

“I like to understand what is happening in my body (ankle, in this case). The doctor and staff were very informative. They listened and explained and adjusted treatment as necessary. I am now to continue with exercises and check in for taping only, until the inner ankle is fully healed.” - Jaqueline S.

“All the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. If Charity couldn’t do one of the exercises, they made modifications to better help her. I’m really happy with the care she received.” - Toni L.

“They helped me so much. If I need Physical Therapy again I will be back.” - Tory J.

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