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July - September 2013

July 2013

“I thoroughly appreciate the expertise of the therapists here! Even if I can’t always verbalize what I’m feeling they can always figure out what needs to be done.” – Kelly 9/2013

“Ajay and his team are first-rate. I always felt very supported and the exercises prescribed to me were extremely useful. If I ever need care, I will come here every time!” – Harry 9/2013

“I have dealt with this office before for my daughter and was very happy with them. I had a great experience with Ajay, Jeff and all of the staff and would use them again.” – Julie 9/2013

“Everyone was very helpful!” – Joyce 9/2013                                                                                  

“Great experience.” – Shrikumar 9/2013

“They all did a wonderful job. Very caring people. Thank you all!” – David 8/2013

“Very good experience!” – William 8/2013

“Everyone at Okemos Therapy Services was very friendly and helpful. I feel so much better now than I did when I first started coming. This was an issue I had been dealing with for 9 months, I am so happy to have it finally resolved. Ajay and staff were very wonderful and educated. I would highly recommend Okemos Therapy to anyone.” – Megan 8/2013

“Okemos Therapy is a great place to go. They treat you like family and most importantly, you get great results.” – Dionnedra 8/2013

“The staff made sure I did each exercise with the right feet position to get the most out of each stretch, great staff.” – Bruce 8/2013

“My experiences at Okemos Therapy were excellent, and gave me full recovery.” – Brooke 8/2013

“My experience was truly excellent. The staff was friendly and helpful. Most importantly the pain is gone!” – Timothy 8/2013

“Everything was great, very helpful staff and extremely knowledgeable” -Devon 8/2013

“My experience was rewarding and my conditioning and exercises were appropriate, enjoyed my experience.” – David 8/2013

“All appointments were met on schedule. The staff was pleasant all the time.” – Ronald 8/2013

“They all did a wonderful job! Very caring people, thank you all!” –David 8/2013

“Overall good care.” – Gautami 8/2013

“A very professional service, care was tailored to my needs, excellent facility, appointment flexibility, and education to continue painless healing at home.” – Kathleen 8/2013

“Quality of therapy was wonderful. Unfortunately it did not resolve the problem, although I feel everything possible was don’t to alleviate the discomfort.” – Amy 8/2013

“I finally got a therapy service that got to the pain and what was giving me the pain.” – Charlotte 8/2013

“The care I received was kink and compassionate. We worked together on making me feel better not just for today but for the future.” – Lisa 7/2013

“Very professional and knowledgeable.” – James 7/2013

“I had a wonderful experience with the staff at Okemos Therapy Services. I felt that the folks here truly cared about me and my rehabilitation! I would recommend OTS to anyone needing physical or occupational therapy!” – Dawn 7/2013

“Wow—this was an awesome experience. I really have come to appreciate that in order to be successful in physical therapy,  you need to have the right team to work with. Everyone at OTS helped me regain strength and confidence in my ability to overcome my physical limitations. You are the best!” – Judi 7/2013

“Therapy was comfortable- gentle, always felt better each time after my session.” – Marguerite 7/2013

“The people at OTS are very profession, thorough, and at the time , friendly. I always had the feeling that they knew their stuff. Thank you!” – Lynda 7/2013

“I really enjoyed my time here and for the first time in years I am migraine free!” – Theresa 7/2013

“Everything was a good experience.” – Kathryn 7/2013

“Ajay and staff are very compassionate and professional. I received ample encouragement (without whining) to complete my prescribed treatment plan. I would never hesitate to recommend Okemos Therapy to others.” – Renee 7/2013

“Ajay and the staff at OTS made me feel comfortable from the very first day of my therapy. They are an asset to their field. I would recommend them to family and friends.” – Ninette 7/2013

“Ask questions! Ajay and Jeff would tell me why I was doing an exercise a specific way. This information helped me focus on doing the exercise correctly to achieve the most benefit.” – MaryLou 6/2013


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