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July - September 2012

“I continue to do my stretch exercises on a daily basis and was able to attend the Lugnuts game and visit MI beaches without pain. Actually I have returned to my normal life without any pain.” ~Jean, 09/2012

 “This is the ONLY place I will come for therapy; a truly first-class group of people” ~Wayne, 09/2012

 “Amazing what great professional therapy can do. Dr. was helpful, informative, caring ~ pain went away in record time. Thank you!” ~Inger, 09/2012

 “Everything was great!” ~Jason, 09/2012

 “Enjoyed every visit! Very friendly staff!” ~Kelly, 09/2012

 “Absolutely satisfied! Great job, friendly staff, clean surroundings.” ~Michelle, 09/2012

 “I appreciated the take aways and results. I feel confident now to be able to return to running.” ~Jon, 09/2012

 “The PT has provided me with better stability, strength and balance.” ~Diane, 09/2012

“We loved Crystel! Abigail loved coming every week- The progress was amazing!” ~Jennifer/Abigail, 09/2012

“After ten years of pain, finally some relief.” ~Jeff, 09/2012

“Everyone was nice and helpful- obviously committed to patient care and wanting me to get better , which I did J ” ~Angela, 09/2012

“I am unlucky to not prolonged my services with them. If spa and pool is here, I shouldn’t go anywhere else. I with shy should provide these in future for their patients.” ~Aruna 09/2012

“The entire staff was very helpful, and Ajay was superb in his listening to and treating my concerns, with such improvement that I “feel like new”, although I still have an old neck.” ~Dawn, 08/2012

“The amount of “hands on” treatment from Mr. Bhargava is outstanding compared to prior P.T. experiences. Support staff is also outstanding. It is actually a pleasure to come to my appointments.” ~Ed, 08/2012

“I was treated professionally and issues I had were examined and treated appropriately. Improvements had been significant. I recommend this facility to work with any muscle issues as necessary to get maximum improvements.” ~Rose, 08/2012

“I appreciated the thoroughness and friendliness of the staff, my experience at OTS was great.” ~Karen, 08/2012

“Good care, respectful staff. Therapist was very knowledgeable and helpful.” ~Cheryl, 08/2012

“The concern expressed was exceptional and the staff very friendly. Thank you!” ~Kelly 08/2012

“Best therapy services I’ve ever received.” ~Sandra, 08/2012

“Everything was just fine. The therapy could not have been better.” ~Arthur, 08/2012

“I was very happy with the overall experience and treatment. I was always seen right on time- no waiting. The staff very polite and courteous-from my first phone call and through my treatment. Dr. was very knowledgeable and seemed to really care about his patient and patient improving.” ~Carol, 08/2012

“Dr. Ajay established a good relationship with my child. He made the work she did fun, challenging, and rewarding. His humor helped her work through frustrating moments and on the success.” ~Suzanne, 08/2012

“Both Mason and Okemos offices were clean and the staff was always friendly. Our appointment times were handled with punctuality.” ~Larry, 08/2012

“Helped with my headaches a lot. Very friendly staff. Always saw me when my appointment was. Would recommend!” ~Haley, 08/2012

“Very friendly staff, knowledgeable and caring.” ~Brent, 08/2012

 “Evaluation and treatment was excellent. Diagnosis was direct and referral was timely and accurate. Good job! I would return for further treatment.” ~Dean, 08/2012

“It was fine! Feeling much better!” ~Karen, 08/2012

“The staff ware friendly and knowledgeable. They make the hard work of PT an enjoyable experience.” ~Patricia, 08/2012

“I so appreciate all the care and “push” that I received. I will continue my stretching at home. And will do water therapy and biking.” ~Patricia, 08/2012

“I love this place! I especially appreciated how knowledgeable Chinmay is about everything that every bothers me! I feel much better than before. I’m not sure everything is “over”, but I’m getting there!” ~Kelly, 08/2012

“I was treated well and the care was great.” ~Tyler, 08/2012

“I appreciated the excellence of care and help during my appointments. I definitely feel better since my initial appointment. My therapy experience was worth the time!” ~Susanne, 08/2012

“Therapy and staff was awesome. Had the same therapist each and every time which was great. I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks for giving me quality life once again.” ~Joyce, 08/2012

“Second time I have used Okemos therapy for physical therapy. I am satisfied with the results. If I need service in the future, will come here.” ~Richard, 08/2012

“The staff was very informative and answered all of my questions. They listened to my concerns and everything I learned in treatments I can also do at home.” ~Monica, 08/2012

"I was treated well and the care was great."~ Tyler, 8/2012

"Both Mason and Okemos offices were clean. The staff was always friendly. Our appointment times were handled with punctuality."~Larry, 8/2012

"I appreciate the thoroughness and friendliness of the staff. My experience at Okemos Therapy was great."~ Karen, 8/2012

"Good care, respectful staff. Therapist was very knowledable and helpful."~ Cheryl, 8/2012

"Ajay established a good relationship with my child. He made the work she did fun, challenging and rewarding. His humor helped her work through frustrating moments and on to success."~Suzanne, 8/2012

"Best therapy service I have ever received."~Sandra, 8/2012

"Everything was just fine. Therapy could not have been better."~Greg, 8/2012

"The concern epressed was exceptional and the staff very friendly. Thank you."~Kelly, 8/2012

"The staff was very helpful in teaching me how to do the therapy exercises and assisting me through the difficult ones with lot of encouragement."~Patricia, 7/2012

"I have been to three physical therapy clinics, out of three, this is the best."~Robert, 7/2012

"I would recommend Okemos Therapy Services to anyone. They were great. All the staff is friendly and helpful."~Onalee, 7/2012

"Very professional and knowledgeable staff. All the exercises prescribed had their intended effects. Staff and interns guided me well when I was making mistakes in my exercises."~Phani, 7/2012

"Entire staff is vey kind and helpful. They are all genuine and care about their patients results and well being."~Holly, 7/2012

"The staff at Okemos Therapy were very helpful and thorough. My injury healed quickly. Thank you."~Michael, 7/2012

"I appreciate that Ajay talked to my doctor when the problem was not getting better and get an MRI ordered to find the problem."~Ellen, 7/2012

"Very enjoyable staff. I will recommend to everyone."~Jane, 7/2012

"Very professional, helpful and effective."~Linda, 7/2012 

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