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July - September 2011

"Everything was great!" ~Marlene, 9/2011

"This was my third time being referred and was treated great as usual, everyone treats you like family."~Dionnedra 9/2011

"Convenient hours, easy to schedule appointments to fit my schedule, noticable relief after first session, efficient treatment lasted only long enough to remedy problems" ~Thomas, 9/2011

"I was always greeted with a smile and I was very proptly in and out of my therapy appointments every time." ~Kimberly, 9/2011

"Ajay and his staff awesome at what he does. Appreciate the realistic comments to rehabilitation." ~ Jamie, 9/2011

"The therapists were great. Enjoyed working with them and felt like there was significant improvement in my shoulder/arm." ~Sue, 9/2011

"Ajay is fantastic!" ~Neil,9/2011

"I have had prior physical therapy experience with another service. The amount of hands-on time provided by Ajay and staff is superior when compared to the other experience." ~Ed, 9/2011

"I feel that the exercises I was given were very helpful for my injury." ~Michael, 9/2011

"The staff was very professional and friendly and the information was very clear and they did a good job showng how to do the exercises correctly." ~ Teresa, 8/2011

"Thank you to all! I am walking better and my spirits are better also. I will be back eventually for your help for the other knee." ~Roberta, 8/2011

"I have come to Okemos Therapy for a few different (pains) and have always left feeling great. Aj is a great therapist -highly recommended." ~Lori, 08/2011

"Ajay and John were great, kind, informative and always in a good mood. I will definitely recommend OTS to anyone in need of physical therapy. ~Daniel, 08/2011

"I have had Okemos Therapy Services on two seperate occasions for two different problems. 130th times the pain and problems were removed. I would recommend Okemos Therapy Services to everyone." ~Frances, 08/2011

"All I can say is outstanding Job! Before starting therapy I thought I would need surgery. After therapy my arm feel back to normal. Thank You!" ~Brian, 08/2011

"I felt the staff was amazing. They were always willing to meet your needs. Every member of this staff has a great demeanor about them and are skilled in thier area of expertise. I am very glad I choose OTS and feel I was given the best treatment possible." ~ Kathryn, 08/2011

"The treatment I received was excellent from the first day to the last. I felt like the staff cared about my well being. Thanks. ~Matthew, 08/2011

"The Okemos Therapy Services were very beneficial in helping my sore shoulder. The physical therapy staff were friendly as well as professional. They took time needed to explain the therapy procedures & exercises. I never felt rushed and I was never left waiting in between procedures. I have only been coming for 2 weeks but my pain level is significantly lower. Thank you so very much!!" ~ Gwen, 07/2011

"No improvement on your services, but woderful improvement in the pain in my neck and upper back. Pain went from 10 to 2. THank you and staff for such good care." ~Mary, 07/2011

"I have been very pleased with results at Okemos Therapy Services. I always feel better after each appointment." ~Shirley, 07/2011

"Thank you for your cheerful, caring spirits. I appreciate being kindly greeted, treated with respect despite everything and always allowed to ask questions and receive answers. Daria is the sunshine of the office, sharing her warmth and smile always. Ajay has extreme patience and skilled hands to pin point pain and stretch muscles. His jovial personality made each visit though not always pleasant, extremely bearable." ~Barbara, 07/2011

"I received great care at Okemos Therapy Center and would highly recommend them to anyone that would possibly need thier service." ~Amy, 07/2011

"It's the only place I would come for therapy. The people here really take care of you." ~Bates, 07/2011

"My treatmeent was very thorough and hlepful. There was some conflict with the recovering from my back surgery but staff were aware of that and worked around it. All in all, it was a good experience."     ~Dixie, 07/2011

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