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July 2019

“So glad to have these services available in my home town and close to my workplace. Staff is wonderful. I always feel better after a visit. Thank you.” -Dodie S.

“I had a great experience with this office and all of the staff. Dr. Ajay is great and effective. This is my third round of PT and third company/ provider. Of all the places I have been this was my fave and most effective.” -Salina C.

“Staff is so friendly and professional. I can’t thank everyone enough for the quality of care they give.” -Jessie J.

“Always taking patients on time, no waiting period. Explains clearly, how do to do exercises and how they help. Friendly environment.” -Leila F.

 “The encouragement that I receive from the staff is what makes the pain of getting better tolerable. I have been to Okemos Therapy several times and have never been disappointed.” -Sue S.

“I came for therapy because of back spasms and will leave without back pain. The treatment along with at-home exercises have gradually improved my health. I appreciate that my condition and age were considered at all times.” -Ann K.

 “Staff was very honest with me on how I was doing and even though there were days when I would rather have stayed home, I knew I was getting stronger.” -Patty P.

Want Some Help?