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January - March 2012

"I appreciated the attention given to my daughter by the staff. They helped to make her experience with an injury and physical therapy a positive one."~Sophie,3/2012

"I had an excellent experience. Staff was great, very friendly and helpful."~Patty, 3/2012

"Great help and attention, answered all questions and made helpful suggestions."~Donald,3/2012

"Ajay is awesome and we will come back and visit him. All of the assistants were friendly."~Cori,3/2012

"I am very happy with my time spent here and received one on one time with staff and was not put off to the side. Other places try to work with 2-3 or more people at the same time, and you get left out."~Mary,3/2012

"Service was excellent, I never had to wait, covenient to work."~Wendy,3/2012

"Very caring people, Ajay is great, always willing to answer questions."~Randy,3/2012

"Thank you. I am always greatful for the great care and therapy received from Ajay."~Kim, 3/2012

"I appreciate all the information, I was given on how to keep my body feeling well. So I do not have to see Dr. again for any pan."~Kelly,3/2012

"Extremely professional and friendly. The services were excellent and extremely helpful. OTS went above my expectations."~Autumn,3/2012

"OTS was very good in treating me for my condition. After several weeks, I have no numbness and very little pain. All the exercises really did improve my condition."~Bianca,3/2012

"I was in a lot of pain when I came here and I am so much better. You have such a caring staff. I willcontinue to refer people here." ~Sandra, 2/2012

"Excellent services. The education about how to perform exercises at home was very beneficial. Ajay was very helpful. Shoulder manipulation always improved my range of motion."~Diane, 2/2012

"Great therapy. I feel much better, more mobile. Almost pain free. Enjoyed getting to know Ajay."
  ~Brad, 2/2012

"Ajay and his staff are very caring with patients."~Roberta, 2/2012

"Get in and out on time, very friendly staff."~Jacqueline, 2/2012

"I was very satisfied with the care that  was given. Thank you very much."~Melissa, 2/2012

"Okemos Therapy was very helpful for my child in speech therapy." ~Andrea, 2/2012

"This is the second time I have received therapy from Ajay and his staff for two different issues. Each time, I entered feeling physically awful and that in turn made me feel so discouraged. Ajay not only helped my body improve, buut also helped build my confidence that I would get better. In addition, he gave me tools like exercises to do at home. His laid back style and pleasant demeanor meant a lot to me."~Karen, 1/2012

"A very professional, knowledgable and courteous staff, I couldn't have asked for a better therapy experience."~Dale, 1/2012

"I was in pretty bad shape the first day I walked into therapy, but the final outcome of feeling 100% is due to the great physicla therapy team and the attention I recieved. Thank you so much."~Kelly, 1/2012

"Ajay is wonderful. He has great hands and is always professional ad pleasant."~Erica, 1/2012

"The staff was very personable, taking time to get to know me made me feel at ease from the onset. I've been through a lot of physical therapy adn this by far was the best, always the same staff, very caring, always engaging. I recommend them for any physical therapy.'~Nancy, 1/2012

"Ajay and the staff at OTS treated me with kindness and care. Their knowledge and professionalism made me feel comfortable and confident while in their care."~Laura, 1/2012

"Always felt better after I finished therapy. I will continue my exercises to keep me feeling good."~Pat,1/2012

"From the moment I walked in I was treated like family. The staff made sure I was not expereincing pain during all aspects of treatment. They worked with me relentlessly to make sure that I did everything correctly in order to maximize treatment. I feel incredibly better.~Johanna, 1/2012

"Very nice caring and sincere staff, very good experience. Ajay is very good in his skills. Getting P.T. here is very relaxing and enjoyable.~Meena, 1/2012

 "My experience at OTS was very pleasant, positive and healthy. They answered all my questions. Ajay is very open and honest. Best of all my knee pain is almost gone."~Venu, 1/2012"


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