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January - March 2011

January 2011

"Was a great experience, very helpful.  With their assistance I have made tremendous strides in recovery." -Adam

"When I first came I was having headaches daily and my neck was stiff and painful.  There was a noticeable difference after the 1st visit.  The staff was professionaland friendly." -Rita

"Extremely friendly, caring staff.  Good mixture of self exercises with Physical Therapist assisted stretching." -Kathleen

"Excellent service.  Staff took time to explain the 'why' of certain exercisis as well as the 'how'; very helpful." -Timo

Feburary 2011

"I was treated with the utmost respect.  All people working in all areas were well trained in what is expected of them and their duties.  I think Ajay has helped my condition improve a lot." -Carrol

"I liked how there was a lot of consistency in my workouts.  I was able to see improvements from week to week." -Mark

"This is an extremely professional, well managed and knowledgeable organization and staff.  They do thorough evaluation and detailed treatment." -John

"They got me healed up in very little time with fantastic treatment." -Tobias

"Very helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant staff.  Very happy with my treatment results." Lauren

"Quality of therapy was excellent.  I felt that I was benefitted as time went along with Physical Therapy." -Meena

"I always seem to have a miraculously rapid recovery when I come here." -Barbara

March 2011

"Wonderful staff, great care, excellent results." -Saralee

"Very professional, caring staff.  I always felt like I was treated with respect and focused on my needs to help alleviate my pain." -Jill

"Ajay was very thorough and pleasant." -Evelyn

"Very much appreciated for all the help from staff." -Ronald

"I feel the myofascial release therapy was very helpful.  Ajay was a calm, soothing presence and very knowledgeable." -Carla

"The staff was professional and courteous.  I would recommend OTS to others requiring therapy." -James

"After years of pain, I am feeling like a new person.  I will direct folks to your service.  You are most excellent in your skills and ability to ease nerves.  I thank you all very much!" -Martha

"The experience was very good.  Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable and the care and attention I received was excellent." -Sarosh

"The therapy I received was great.  Thanks Ajay, Kathleen, and staff." -Christie

"I always felt welcome at Okemos Therapy.  The whole staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable.  Each week I felt improvement in my neck and shoulder-I can actually lift my arm above my head without pain.  The heat, ultrasound, and exercises really worked, and the best was the neck and shoulder manual therapy given by Ajay." -Linda

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