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January - March 2017

January 2017

“I have been very pleased with the services I received here. I feel confident with exercises given to me to strengthen the muscles in my hip and leg. I appreciate the encouragement and friendliness of the staff. And I appreciate the therapist, Michael who has worked with me and encouraged me. Thank you all.” – Arlene B. 1/6/17

“Overall a great experience. Got my shoulder pain cured quickly. Got guidance for avoiding the pain.” – Umakanth G. 1/6/17

“Extremely helpful.” – Bruce P. 1/7/17

“Occupational Therapy was great! Loved Cheryl – awesome!” – Renee W. 1/7/17

“Very happy with the whole experience and feel they were a very important part of my quick recovery.” Randall A. 1/7/17

“Staff spent quality time with me every time! I didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. I feel much better than when I started therapy. You have given me my mobility back. Thank you.” – Margaret A. 1/12/17

“Everyone was helpful and friendly.” – Betty C. 1/20/17

“My goal was to regain my strength following my surgery. The time I have spent at OTS has helped me immensely. I feel more stable and stronger overall. Every member of the staff was knowledgeable and encouraging. I actually enjoyed the hard work!” – Tina R. 1/20/17

“I really appreciated the time teaching me the exercises that I can do at home to strengthen both of my hands, and how they just really respected my thoughts on my progress.” – Jean W. 1/26/17

“I am very happy I was referred here. All the staff were very nice and kind. The service was great. I will tell anyone it’s a great place to get back into shape.” – Anthony C. 1/27/17

“Therapy was excellent, always welcoming and nice.” – Carter R. 1/27/17

“First time coming and it was great. Everyone was super nice and helpful. They answered all of the questions I had, and I had a lot! My Shoulder feels great. Thanks for everything.” – Jenelle M. 1/27/17

“I really enjoyed the staff here. They were very professional. This is a nice facility to come to if you have to have physical therapy. They really go out of their way to accommodate you. I enjoyed having my therapy here. Keep up the good work!” – Marcia J. 1/31/17


February 2017

“I had a great experience here. Hours were flexible, the care was great. Everyone was very knowledgeable. Customer service was wonderful and the staff truly took their time to get to know me and my goal to be pain free. I will recommend them to anyone looking for therapy.” – Ashly B. 2/2/17

“I really appreciate the specific attention to detail in all areas of treatment.” – William B. 2/4/17

“Ajay is good in pinpointing the right exercises to be done for the area of pain. His assessment is very good.” – Parameswaran N. 2/4/17

“Staff was patient, knowledgeable, and friendly.” – Amy S. 2/6/17

“Ajay and his staff were very knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and great to work with. The office had a warm and friendly environment. Staff took their time to answer all of my questions. It was positive experience.” – Valerie S. 2/7/17

“Good experience!” – Carla D. 2/9/17

“The people are very nice and encouraging! The care I received was very good and I enjoyed coming!” – Alana K. 2/11/17

“I will continue the stretches Dr. Ajay gave me. Everyone was great and I greatly appreciate them.” – Apryll A. 2/15/17

“Ajay was great with my young daughter. Office staff were very friendly and helpful.” – Molly 2/15/17

“I am totally amazed at the progress that Okemos Therapy Services has made with the problems I have experienced and pain I have previously had in relation with my lower back. And in a relatively short time, too. Thank you.” – Dennis M. 2/16/17

“Very good experience – solved the back problem I had. I will definitely continue the exercises I learned.” – Annemiek S. 2/16/17

“They helped by defining all exercises and stretches in order to do them correctly. They are very patient.” – Theodore I. 2/20/17

“Although I was skeptical at first, I am now a believer. Ajay and his team are wonderful! Thanks for fixing me.” – James G. 2/22/17

“Therapy was very effective. Therapist altered my therapy relative to my pain level. I started out at 8-9 level of pain, and could hardly move. Ended with 0 pain and had full range of motion.” – Theresa T. 2/24/17

“Ajay and staff are great!” – Steven T. 2/24/17

“3 weeks ago, when I walked in for my 1st session, I did not know what to expect. My 1st experience. Now, both my heels and ankles are free of discomfort and I’m back to playing tennis like 2 months ago. Ajay and his staff base exhibited clinical and personal attention, which I appreciated. Thank you.” – Sunny C. 2/24/17

“Everyone was very nice and caring.” – Holly H. 2/25/17

“Thank you for helping me bring back strength and dexterity in my hands. I’m now able to do nearly all the things I want to do with them. Cheryl’s the best. Great office staff. Ajay is super and welcoming. And Jeff gave good suggestions, too.” – Susan B. 2/28/17

March 2017

“I had a great experience with all of the staff. I was skeptical coming to therapy because I had tried chiropractic care and had a bad experience. Now, my pain is gone and I can take care of my kids without that constant pain.” – Kendra C. 3/2/17

“I found everyone to be helpful and considerate and accommodating. It was a very positive experience.” – Dale S. 3/5/17

“I liked the services here. Dr. Ajay was excellent, and the other staff was very efficient and effective. I was very much impressed with the amount of time given at each visit. It was always towards making excellent progress.” – Vishal G. 3/7/17

“Once again Okemos Therapy Services has done an exceptional job… this time on my leg and ankle.” – Steve J. 3/8/17

“My experience was great. I appreciate my physical therapist’s genuine concern for my health, comfort, and overall wellbeing. Front desk is very friendly and always willing to accommodate. Thank you.” – Amanda E. 3/9/17

“Ajay and his staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They spend extensive time with each patient and Ajay does a thorough evaluation and development of treatment program. They have gotten me better after several injuries. I could not recommend them more strongly.” – John T. 3/9/17

“Thank you so much for caring for me and helping heal my pain! The staff is incredibly friendly and kind! Thank you!” –  Julie B. 3/10/17

“I feel the treatment I received was thorough and effective. The amount of time spent with me was excellent and I was happy with the staff. I really felt the manual therapy from the doctor was helpful.” – Regina G. 3/13/17

“My time spent with the speech therapist was great.” – Robert L. 3/14/17

“Very organized and created a list of certain exercises specific to me. Very helpful!” – Gracie P. 3/16/17

“Very professional and caring. The therapy really helped.” –  Nancy V. 3/16/17

“It was great. My pain went away and the staff were great.” – KC F.  3/17/17

“I learned so much and noticed great improvements. Thank you so much!” – Kendall D. 3/23/17

“Ajay is knowledgeable and puts the patient at ease. I’ve recommended so many to him. Staff is extremely helpful and friendly as well.” – Ingrid S. 3/23/17

“I always know I can count on Ajay and his staff to provide the best therapy and conditioning exercises for me. Could not be in better hands!” – David C. 3/25/17

“You were very patient and kind to my grandson. You helped him get through his pain.” – Georgia B. 3/31/17

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