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February 2019

"The results were amazing! I went from having daily headaches and migraines, to being basically migraine free! I am thrilled." -Jora F.

"Whenever I am prescribed PT they ask where I'd like to go- automatic response: Okemos Therapy Services. Wonderful staff, love the patience and shared wisdom of Dr. Ajay! I will be back whenever necessary. Thank you!" -Susan S.

"I am amazed at how much the [occupational] therapy helped my hand. Thank you!" -Celeste B.

"I really enjoyed working with Dr. Ajay as well as Jeff and Linda. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt that the care I received was excellent. Dr. Ajay was familiar with how to treat someone with EDS and obviously tailored my care as a result." -Laura P.

"The best Physical Therapy service in the area. Understanding, patient, listens, professional." -Rebecca C.

"Ajay and staff were very helpful in my PT recovery. Our goals for range of motion were estimated and met. Convienence of hours and 2 facilities were also very helpful." -Dennis A.

"I was very happy with my experience; I feel I can walk much better now, and the fear of falling has been greatly diminished." -Norma.

"All staff are very caring and concerned with helping. Very relaxing atmosphere. Very professional and clean. A very pleasant and helpful staff to help one heal. Thank you." -Ron M.

"I am very happy with the care I have received with Dr. Ajay and co-workers. I especially appreciated being listened to and given expert advice on keeping my body in good shape." -Diane G.

"The whole staff is friendly, upbeat, and great at explaining each exercise. I love how relaxed and fun they make each visit." -Jenina H.

"I was extremely happy with my experience. I was able to have a very fast recovery and I immensely enjoyed the Doctors. Dr. Ajay made my experience very enjoyable." -Sam E.

"Everyone was helpful, friendly, and encouraging. Glad I had all of you to help me through this. Thank you all!" -Nancy S.

"[I] Really appreciate the individual one-on-one time, as I feel it attributes to my overall success." -Diane B.

"Your slow and steady approach was appreciated and seems to have worked well in my case. Thank you!" -Kelly J.

Want Some Help?