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August 2019

“Okemos Therapy provides excellent service. Staff spends extra time and pays minute attention to the needs of patients. I would highly recommend it.” Ved A.

“Great people, and they really want to help!” -Kemp G.

“Expert care-very helpful.” -Carol D.

“I appreciated the staff’s expertise and am so glad I came to this office.” -Sandy P.

“Very caring, was overall a very good experience!” -Tim M.

“I really enjoyed my time spent here.” -Neera R.

“Ajay is a good PT and knows how to find the problem with a painful back and then approach carefully to help the patient to heal fully.” -Stanley S.

“Diagnosing the issue and teaching my daughter proper stretches and exercises to continue to build and strengthen her muscles was very informative. You can see in the short weeks, her improvement.” -Jennifer C.

“Very professional care. Ajay understood problem. PT assistant communicated well with Ajay and assisted in learning stretches correctly. Everyone was very supportive.” -Barbara H.

“I feel it was important that the therapist demonstrated the exercises so [my mom] can continue at home.” Tammy W.

“Dr. Ajay and the staff were extremely kind and competent in addressing my problems.” -Parameswaran N.

Want Some Help?