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April - June 2017

“Great receptionist staff, and very friendly, caring specialists.” – Chad P. 4/7/17

“My experience with Okemos Therapy Services was very helpful. Plus staff was awesome!” – Betty F. 4/9/17

“A++++” – Scott W. 4/10/17

“I enjoyed it here and I think I improved a lot” – Kayla G. 4/10/17

“Very good care, my knees are much better. Exercise works.” – Doug G. 4/11/17

“Communication between staff members is evidenced by how smoothly things run! Patients never seem to be waiting and therapists are focused on quality of care when with individual patients. My pain diminished to nothing in 8 weeks of therapy. The manual adjustments/ fascia release was more beneficial than 8 years of the chiro and massage I tried. Thanks Ajay.” – Christina S. 4/13/17

“Staff was excellent. They got my range of motion back. And I am pain free when walking now.” – Richard N. 4/14/17

“I love the fact that I have the exercises to continue to get better, and can return if needed.” – Constance S. 4/17/17

“Everything was explained to me. Staff was very accommodating.” – Valerie B. 4/24/17

“All things are excellent. Thank you very much.” – Warashmin Z. 4/25/17

“Staff and especially Ajay are very knowledgeable and patient. Exercises were adapted to my pain threshold with day to day improvements.” – Smitha T. 4/27/17

“My daughter enjoyed working with the speech therapist Christel very much. Her speech was greatly improved. We are pleased with her progress. Office staff was very helpful. Thank you.” – Katherine T. 4/29/17


May 2017

“I was very skeptical about improvement in my shoulder at the time of starting physical therapy. Ajay and the rest of the staff here turned me into a believer. I had an excellent experience and am walking away with a significantly improved shoulder.” Ehsen I.

“It made my experience very good for my first physical therapy. Thank you for all the help you have given me. Good luck with your garden Jeff. Thanks Ajay.” Cathy S.

“Very friendly, very accommodating and very knowledgeable. Truly enjoyed my experience while being helped a great deal!” Thomas C.

“Okemos Therapy Services is always my first choice for OT & PT. The staff is very friendly and personable. With the exercises I was given my progress was much quicker than expected.” Monica S.

“Very nice and helpful. Thank you for all you have done for Ava.” Gloria A.

“The service was great. I have gotten close to the workers the past month or so that I have been here.” Sydney E.

“My experience at Okemos Therapy Services was enlightening. I learned why there was pain in my back – muscle stiffness. I was given stretching exercises & during office visits manipulation of the affected muscles. A combination of both has greatly improved the muscle tightness. Overall, the staff is very courteous & helpful.” Janice S.

“Very good care, my knees are much better. Exercise works.” Doug G.

“I am amazed at how quickly my symptoms were resolved. This is the first time I can say I always felt better leaving therapy than I did walking in each day.” Kelli S.

“Very happy to find the place – everyone was very friendly & hours & locations are great!” Charlee K.

“Excellent care.” Shreena G.                                                        

“All staff were friendly. PT staff were knowledgeable and helpful as well. OTS is easily the best medical office I have been to. OTS is what medical care should be. Highly recommend to anyone in pain.” Andrew K.

“Staff is very accommodating & friendly. All my questions during PT were answered thoroughly by all.” Janice S.

“Once again Ajay and team have helped me. I’m very grateful.” Jim G.

“I was very pleased with Okemos Therapy. They were very professional, always on time and very friendly.” Edna A.

“Your team is great! Thank you!” Dylan S.

“The staff was very kind and helpful.” Natanya A.

“Very professional staff. Ajay treated the anxiety I had about my problem as well as the problem itself. I will recommend Ajay to any who need PT.” Gail B.

“My experience with Okemos Therapy Services was very helpful plus staff was awesome.”

“Ajay, Jeff and Jennifer were very informative. The therapy turned out to be very helpful. I would recommend Okemos Therapy for anyone.” Kathleen H.

“Therapy was extremely helpful. Learned several things that should help in the future.” Martin J.

June 2017

“Thank you for excellent care!” Adrian F.

“I like that the people actually supervise while you do exercises, not walk away and do other stuff.” Marian N.

“This experience was the best in terms of friendly atmosphere and professional contact and therapy. Many of the exercises were transferrable to pool and home and I felt great improvement in pain levels, range and strength over the time of appointments. I would highly recommend Michael Veresh and Okemos Therapy Services.” Jan P.

“The therapy staff were great and friendly. They are a caring and professional group and the office staff were helpful and flexible with appointments. I would use their service in a heartbeat. Many thanks to them especially Ajay!” Joe C.

“It was most helpful for me to have exercises that I can use at home to continue my progress.” Kathy T.

“I was nervous about starting Physical Therapy. Ajay and his staff were very friendly and explained everything very well. This put me at ease and made the experience very nice.” Tamara B.

“Physical therapy is not easy. The front desk staff and treatment staff made a difficult time most pleasant. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Excellent treatment program which made me meet my therapy goals. Highly recommend.” Patricia G.

“Professional, efficient, friendly.” Philip S.

“Everyone at the clinic was very friendly and caring. I was surprised how fast my results were better.” Shirley N.

“The spasms I was experiencing when I started therapy have LESSENED considerately. If I can keep up the prescribed exercises and not attempt any heavy lifting., I should be well on the way to recovery.” Michael F.

“It is not always easy to do Physical Therapy when work and family obligations create an erratic schedule. The staff were always accommodating and kind to fit me in (even when late). The Physical Therapists also listened and adjusted treatment to fit how my body heals – not as some practices do where Physical Therapy is inflexible. I am doing better and continue with my exercises.” Susan S.

“I was not expecting the great results I feel we reached. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Ajay is amazing.” Joe W.

"Dr. Ajay was very nice and he told me jokes and riddles." Paige W.


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