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April - June 2013

April 2013

When I first started with therapy, walking was very painful, standing was painful, even laying down was painful. Gradually with a few set backs, I began to get better. Now I’m feeling so well that I’m going to start my walking regiment. All this improvement is due entirely to Ajay and his staff. Thanks to them I am about pain free!” - DeAnn

“No improvements needed. I found the entire staff to be friendly, helpful, informative, and professional. I would highly recommend Okemos Therapy Services to anyone in need of excellent physical therapy.” - Susan

“The staff here was extremely thoughtful and caring. My experience was wonderful. Thank you very much.”

“Very patient staff.” - Larry,

“I was very impressed with everyone here they helped me a great deal. I had a great deal of pain when I first arrived. Now I have no pain at all. I really appreciated what everyone did for me. Thanks! - Paul

“Everyone here was supper nice and I’m going to miss you! I actually look forward to coming! You guys didn’t push me too hard we took my pase and slowly improved. Thanks a lot! I improved A LOT from the time I started till now. Thank you!” - Marysa

“Ajay is the best—even when dealing with someone as stubborn and uncooperative as I am!” - Vicki

“The staff is great. My elbow feels so much better; that is what I came for. My neck has always bother me too and Dr. helped with my overall aches and pains. Much better solution for pain, rather than medication. I would recommend Okemos Therapy Services.” - Roxanne

May 2013

“The service was awesome and I have felt better than I first walk through the door.” - Ghulam

“The amount of personal attention, especially from the P.T., Ajay, is outstanding. Hands on session, each and every visit!” - Ed

“Relaxed, calm atmosphere—music adds a lot. I appreciate exercises that are simple and doable at home without complicated equipment, in fact, no equipment except bolster.” - Ann

“The clinic goes above and beyond what you would think a clinic would do. They don’t hesitate to ask how things are going. Everyone is friendly, well behaved, and professional. Everyone met my needs during my treatment. All of this is proof in my outcome. I feel much better.” - James

“The staff was always friendly and helpful. They always make sure I understood what/why each treatment/exercise was meant for. They also truly listened to my complaints and worked with me if a particular area was especially sore/strained/sensitive.” - Cathy

“Very satisfied—highly recommend—thorough and knowledgeable staff.” - Bo

“I really appreciated the way Ajay and Jeff explained what they were doing and why and changes the different exercises corrected or prevented.” - Marsha

“Appreciate the help and trying to help. Nice to meet everyone.”  - Jesse

“Very helpful and friendly. There were some questions that I would not have done if I were 100% well.” - Barbara

“It was a very good experience. People over here are very polite, helpful, and nice. Also they are very professional. I like to be trusted for the same professional all of the time.” 

June 2013

“I found Okemos Therapy Services was very helpful in my recovery from a stroke. Cheryl was extremely helpful in my recovery of my right hand, upper arm, and torso, which was affected the most when I had my stroke. She is very professional and I would/ will recommend her!!” Donna

“From the first day, I left the caring and commitment that Ajay and his staff had toward my recovery. My treatment was individualized, professional, and friendly.  I’d refer anyone to Okemos Therapy Services and expect to be back when my other knee gets replaced.”  - Ericanne

“What a great place! Thank you all for your kindness and helping me to become strong. Thanks!”  - Lydia

“I am very impressed with the facility, the staff, the professionals, and most of all the philosophy of treatment and treatment style. Thank you very much!” - Sandy

“The office staff was flexible with cancellations as they were unforeseen in some cases and unavoidable. The office staff was friendly and caring.” - Lori

“My experience at Okemos Therapy Services was wonderful! After having a stroke, the entire staff made me feel welcome and encouraged me as I began the task of recovery. Ajay, Jeff, and Vickie helped me regain strength and balance with Physical Therapy. Christel helped me “retrain” my brain and speak with Speech Therapy. Cheryl helped me gain feeling and strength in my upper body-- that was most affected.  Kameko always greeted me with a smile and worked wonders with schedules. Thank you everyone!” - Donna

“I like your care and service. I would highly recommend you to everybody.” - Elijah

“I was well taken care of and the treatments were very helpful.” - Melva

“Keep up the good work and thank you. You are very professional and helpful with my back pain.” - Chad

“The staff was very friendly and helpful. They made sure that I knew what  I was doing and why I was doing it.” - Kaelyn

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