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April - June 2012

"The staff at Okemos Therapy is wonderful. Ajay has shown me the correct way to stretch the muscles and areas that were a problem. He truly has hands that work wonders."~Stacy, 6/2012

"I found the staff to be very friendly and patient, made sure that my workout was done correctly. Thank you Ajay and Alena."~Teruko, 6/2012

"I have spent a lot of time here over the past one and half year. I was always well taken care of and pleased with the entire staff. Wonderful place! Thanks."~ Roberta,6/2012

"Everyone was great and the care I received was excellent."~ Karen, 6/2012

"I am very happy with the outcome and was treated with great care."~ Nad,6/2012

"Never had to wait for an appointment. Very friendly, makes you feel at home. Very professional."~ Phyllis, 6/2012

"It was very nice to always walk into a cheerful environment where eveyone cared about me and aimed to make me feel better, no matter how stressful the rest of my day had been."~Tia, 6/2012

"The exercises helped me get my muscles back. I can now get up from the floor without help and rise from a chair by myself. It's great and ths staff is super friendly."~Edith, 6/2012

"Very knowledgable and pleasant staff, appointment times are honored without undue waiting."~Carolyn, 6/2012

"Made me feel right at home. Thanks you all."~Danton, 6/2012

“I feel the staff was very knowledgeable in everything they did. They encouraged me to work hard both at the clinic and at home. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone needing therapy.”~Jimmie, 5/2012

 “When I first came to Okemos Therapy Services I could barely walk due to my hip pain. Leaving here my first day my pain level dropped from about a 10 to a 2. I am very grateful to Ajay and his staff for their great care and excellent skills. I would definitely recommend OTS to anyone looking for pain relief. Very nice people!” ~Tamara, 05/2012 

“Every aspect of my time at Okemos Therapy has been wonderful. I am very happy I found you. Thank you!” ~Tamara, 5/2012 

“With the attention I received from Ajay, Jeff, Sam, and the rest of the staff, I felt like I was the only patient. I was never rushed, nor did I feel like I had less than the complete, undivided attention of the person working with me.” ~Cathy, 5/2012 

“Encouraging and pleasant. Improved balance, less pain and walking better.” ~David, 5/2012 

“Therapy was not as unpleasant as I thought it would be. The office is bright and cherry. Staff always were pleasant and helpful. Ajay is always concerned that exercises are not painful. I am nearly 100% better than I was several months ago. Therapy has helped me get back much of my strength. I now understand more about keeping my body less stressed and tight. Thanks Ajay!” ~Dotti, 5/2012

"Highly professional group. Ajay is an outstanding therapist. All the staff is friendly and pleasant. My appointments were always kept on time." ~Andrea,5/2012

"Very professional team. Knowledgable and interested in the patients recovery and well being." ~Grace, 2012

"The treatment I received could not have been better."~Cowan, 5/2012

"After the hip replacement I was not able to use my right leg because of weakness and some pain. I now have use of the leg and pain is gone. Excellent care. I felt the entire staff had my good health in mind."~Neilsen, 5/2012

“My back/leg problem was understood and treated effectively. Exercises given to do at home were explained well and honed at each visit. Questions were answered in language I could grasp and remember. I am very pleased by the help I received. Appointments were on time.”~Marcia, 4/2012

“Okemos Therapy had done very good services for me. I will tell my friends or family to come here if they need any therapy. If I need again for myself I will come here. I was able to get my appointments very soon without not waiting long time.” ~Ratni, 4/2012

"It is an exceptional office. Very friendly, caring staff. It has been a difficult several years for me but those last months of teaching and therapy helps me feel better. I know constant monitoring is the key to becoming stronger, so I will try my best to keep up and keep my doctor informed. Thank you all for taking such nice care of my whole person and not just treat my arm. You are greatly appreciated."~Barbara,4/2012 

"I truly enjoyed my experience at OTS. My experience exceeded my expectations. The staff was truly awesome. My prayer is that I remian healthy for the remainder of my life, however in the event that I need therapy again, OTS will be my first choice."~Catrina, 4/2012 

"The staff was very professional and friendly. My care was excellent and my poutcome has been what I hoped for."~Martha, 4/2012

"The staff of OTS are very knowledgable, sensitive and caring. I am so very impressed with Ajay. This is my second time as a patient at OTS. Each time Ajay's use of manual therapy and his expertise has brought my function back to normal. Thank you for your patient eductaion and expertise."~Rosemary,4/2012

"The care I received here was exxcellent and I will be glad to pass this on to others."~Shirley, 4/2012

"This was a very different experience than I originally expected, but also far better than I thought. It was such a relief to know there was a way to treat my pain without having to resort on surgery. So many different techniques that were also given to me to do at home, helped to put the recovery in my own hands."~Kelly, 4/2012

"Liked that you quickly spotted what was wrong, ad got on with the treatment during first session."~Sherrill, 4/2012

"I appreciate the time and energy put into my therapy for knee."~Donald,4/2012

"Staff was friendly and helpfiul. Clinic was clean and looked nice. I learned how to stretch, work my knee to aid the helping process and strengthen the muscles."~PJ, 4/2012

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