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April 2019

“Each encounter was filled with peace and care. Dr. Ajay is obviously wonderfully educated but never ‘speaks over my head.’ His auxiliary staff is likewise kind.” -Mary B.

“Relaxing, supportive atmosphere and staff. I feel confident that my therapists are very knowledgeable and know how to help me, which they did. I never felt ignored or unattended, or my time wasted. Very positive experience with caring staff.” -Geraldine C.

“Best and most rewarding experience ever. Never would have dreamed that my back would feel so good, so fast.” -Troy M.

“The speech therapist really helped me to fix my lisp and was a good person to talk to. I always enjoyed having appointments here.” -Cameron W.

“Okemos Therapy Services is the best in Lansing.” -Surendra B.

Want Some Help?