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October - December 2016

“The stretches, exercises, and manipulations always minimize any of my back pain issues in a very short period of time.” – Gregory, R. 10/1/16

“Very good experience! Made me work a little harder than I would have wanted, but I achieved the desired results in a time frame that was quite remarkable. Thanks for everything!” – Michael M. 10/5/16

“I am very happy with everything I received here. No complaints at all. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.” – Douglas S. 10/5/16

“Ajay and team were great. Taught me what I need to know to get better.” – Rahim. P 10/8/16

“I liked the atmosphere of the clinic as everyone was friendly and helpful. I feel that the exercises I was given have helped me regain strength and flexibility. Thank you.” – Daria H. 10/11/16

“I am very pleased with the results and am looking forward to increased results.” – Roland G. 10/12/16

“The care given was great. My job takes me out of town for weeks at a time and the clinic staff was able to work with me on appt’s for when I would be in town. The staff answered all of my questions and concerns.” – Karl M. 10/13/16

 “Enjoyed coming here for therapy and will miss everyone.” – Nancy G. 10/14/16

“This was not my first visit here. Probably not the last. The care and empathy given, the questions asked, the exercises are all great. I could feel I was making progress each visit. Thank you all!” – Jennifer T. 10/14/16

“The results are positive – hopeful that continued exercises will continue the improvement.” – Patrice H. 10/14/16

 “Feel much better after being here.” – Darwin H. 10/19/16

“Awesome instruction! I am stepping away with the knowledge to continue getting stronger. I feel much stronger and more confident in everyday activities. Thank you!” – Aly W. 10/20/16

 “The professional staff were very friendly and courteous. The therapy given served the purpose of rehabilitation of my left hip which had received corrective surgery.” – Ronald H. 10/21/16

“Awesome as always. I will continue to come back as needed.” – Anne P. 10/21/16


November 2016

“Everyone was friendly and very helpful. I feel much better. Thank you everyone!” - Tina P. 11/1/16

“I was very comfortable with everyone. If I had to come back again, I would. Thank you.” – Marilyn M. 11/9/16

“Ajay and staff are very understanding and compassionate. I found the treatment very helpful and it definitely improved the quality of life.” – Smitha T. 11/10/16

“Before I came in my back pain was severe and worsening. Now I have no pain whatsoever. I can now continue on in life confidently now that my back pain is gone. I had never done physical therapy before, so I was nervous to start, but the staff and therapists made a very calm and relaxing environment for me. Very thankful for my sister for recommending this place.” – Ally G. 11/11/16

“Thorough, friendly, a welcoming atmosphere. Staff pays attention to form during exercises, maximizes efficiency in building muscle groups/stability. Best Physical Therapy venue where I have been a patient – I greatly benefited from the targeted stretching and massage. Professional Staff; I would highly recommend!” – Katie N. 11/11/16

“My care was great and I got better each time I came in. I would recommend them to fellow friends.” – Paula B. 11/16/16

“Staff friendly and helpful” – Shirley M. 11/24/16

“I was very pleased with the service.” – Shirley D. 11/18/16

“Very personable, helpful and polite staff. I received a lot of attention and training that will help me continue to heal and stay that way.” – Margaret K. 11/18/16

“I came to the clinic in extreme pain and left with no pain. Ajay and staff are all exceptional and I always enjoyed coming for therapy. I would pick this location again if I needed therapy again and will pass along the good word to others in need of P.T.” – Barbara M. 11/18/16

“Ajay has a gift and always takes such great care of his patients. Highly recommend the service of Okemos Therapy.” – Sandy L. 11/18/16

“Every visit was pleasant. Staff was always professional.” – Robert B. 11/23/16

“Very professional. Made good progress.” – Tim C. 11/22/16

“Appreciated the personalized attention I received.” – Karen M. 11/28/16

“Ajay and the whole staff were very good. I appreciated the detailed instructions and showing how to do exercises properly. I also appreciate the kindness of Ajay and that I felt like a proper patient and not just a number.” – Sarah H. 11/28/16


December 2016

“I’ve been to a few other physical therapists but Okemos Therapy Services is the absolute best. After only a few sessions my pain has dropped from a 9 –10 on a daily basis to a 0 –1. This place is a 10/10. There is NOT one thing bad about this place.” – Kim G. 12/7/16

“Great Service!” – Lynda N. 12/10/16

“A great experience overall, with excellent and knowledgeable staff.” – Scott S. 12/10/16

“Ajay and the staff are extremely thorough and professional. Ajay provides a very careful evaluation and develops a customized treatment plan. Excellent manipulation and stretch/exercise program. I highly recommend them to anybody needing physical therapy and think they are the best in the region.” – John T. 12/14/16

“I was very pleased with my therapy. They are dedicated to improving the pain for a better quality of life. I will return in the future should there ever be a need.” – Kari G. 12/15/16

“Excellent, thorough care provided in a friendly manner.” – Stephanie D. 12/21/16

“Awesome people! Great results!” – Dawn K. 12/21/16

“Very good! Excellent treatment and professionalism by all the staff.” – Bill B. 12/22/16

“Okemos Therapy Services has a wonderful and well educated, professional staff. Convenient evening hours!” – Donna G. 12/22/16

“All good! And I feel better! Very personal and as my doctor told me ‘very hands on.’” – Sally P. 12/30/16

“Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. Excellent care!” – Joy R. 12/30/16

“Ajay, Jeff, Michael and the staff were very knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and helpful. The care they have for their patients was evident in their respectful personal treatment.” Scott D. 12/30/16

“The office is amazing. Everyone is so personable and friendly, making the environment feel homey. This is wonderful when you’re trying to work through painful injuries. The staff takes their time to assess your needs and determine the best course of treatment. I was kinda sad when I was done! Great office. Great People.” – Monique F. 12/31/16



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